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8 Best NFT Projects & Upcoming NFT Drops To Invest In March 2022

You probably have seen many celebrities showing off NFTs on their social media accounts after they purchased them. As a result, you may be thinking about these crazy interesting pictures and graphics. Would you like to know how people earn so much money investing in the best cryptocurrencies and NFT projects? Well, it’s pretty simple. Embedding yourself with some knowledge of NFTs will enable you to jump on the bandwagon and start earning. Moreover, the demand for limited edition art is increasing every day, so knowing about the best NFT projects is very important. All the celebrities are already doing it because they know how much it will reward them in the upcoming years! In a similar way, people held Bitcoin many years ago when it was not so popular. Those who thought Bitcoin would never explode laughed at such people, but boy, were they wrong. Now all those people regret not investing in Bitcoin, and there is no chance for them to enter this industry now because of the high prices of Bitcoin. However, since this trend is new, you can still pursue the best NFT projects, and you can begin investing right now.

Best NFT Projects Of 2022: Cereal Club, Ape, Art & More

Before you start investing in the best NFT projects, we recommend you perform as much research as possible. Otherwise, it will not be fruitful enough for you because you will not understand what is going on. It is also important to note that the best NFT projects are illiquid, which means that they are not easy to value. If you lack the proper knowledge, it becomes increasingly difficult to sell your best NFT projects as time passes. Additionally, not all NFTs are equal in nature, and some of them may not be as valuable as others. As such, you need to ask yourself, do you want to create demand for your best NFT projects? If yes, then you will also have to provide some utility to the people. That way, they will assume your NFT has some collectible value, and they will be more interested in it. You can provide more value to people by giving them access to specific discord groups and giving them access to special events. However, you will not have to do this much if you are lucky enough and your NFT gets very popular in the ecosystem by itself. Investing in NFTs can be a risky business, and it will not be a successful venture every single time. Just like any other real-life business, it is also likely to fail, and once an NFT project fails, you will have nothing but a worthless piece of the digital image. Thus, if you are thinking about investing in NFTs, there are certain things you should keep in your mind. You will be able to evaluate the NFTs better if you comprehend the NFT ecosystem properly and know what is going on! So do your proper research and find out the best NFT projects in 2022. Doing research will open your eyes to quickly determine the NFT that will be a valuable collectible in the future.

#1. Cereal Club – Exciting NFT Project With Amazing Cereal Art

The cereal club NFT is available on the ethereum blockchain. It is a collection of algorithmically generatable munchers. The popularity of this NFT is increasing day by day, and if you are among the first 10,000 club members, then you will get access to the Seiko system. But this membership of “cereal club munchers” is only available for the first generation of the 10k members. Every muncher will have a different bowl, color, charms, and type. Some are extremely rare, while others are common, just like playing cards. There are rumors about this NFT that it will evolve depending upon the type of cereal that it eats! If you are looking forward to exciting new things, you should become a part of this ecosystem as early as possible because it is blooming. If you join this ecosystem, you will get access to the club and a known fungibowl cereal character. For the latest updates, Cereal Club discord is the best source. You can do a lot once you become a part of this system because you can also interact with other projects. Cross-pollination is also possible that is not done by any other NFT. They also have a discord server that you can join after getting access to their club. It is the perfect NFT to invest in if you are a cereal lover. It will surely remind you of when you were just a kid, and you used to love playing with different types of cereal. Look at you now! All grown up and looking for an intelligent way to invest your money efficiently! You can avail this opportunity and become a part of this hybrid ecosystem by joining the cereal club. Who does not love cereal? You can bring back the same exciting games you used to play every morning at the breakfast table with colorful charms and cereal. The distinguishing factor about this NFT is that the genesis edition only has 10000 members available. Now there might be millions of cereal breakfast lovers around the globe, but not all of them will be able to get their hands on this unique collection of NFT on the Ethereum blockchain! You can head to their website and click on the gray button to see the entire collection on OpenSea. After getting access to the club, you will also access roadmap 1.0. It is going to be along with every partnership road map from 2022.

#2. DEGEN TOONZ – Highly Talked Toonz NFT Drop On Metaverse 

Degen Toonz is one of the most highly-talked NFT available on the ethereum blockchain with more than 15k active discord members and minting exactly 8888 NFT attributes on the open sea marketplace. And now one might wonder, are all these NFT unique? The answer is a BIG YES. All 8888 NFTs are unique in their own way and have different attributes. A change in the eye, clothes, facial features, random gifs and much more make each NFT original and unique. Degen Toonz is all set to capture the metaverse market and soon they will be launching another round of freshly minted NFTs on open sea. Degen Toonz takes you back to your childhood where life was simple and cartoons were the only source of entertainment. The team aspires to bring that feeling back again with their NFTs. All the minters get exclusive merchandise by Degen Toonz, rewards up to 50k in ETH, VIP access in their discord channel and also added preference on all airdrops. People who are looking to flip this NFT, we wish you the best, but those who wish to HODL will benefit much more. All the Degen Toonz hodlers get private DAO vote, access to Degen metaverse, pass to toon town private club and extra merch from the team. The roadmap is divided into 5 phases. The initial phase was launching the collection on the marketplace, the second phase was building better connections with their hodlers by giving away official merch, and the third phase was to contribute to society by giving away charity. From the fourth phase, the real action to grow the community begins. The fourth phase is where complete access to the metaverse begins. Hodlers will receive a $TOON token against hodling the Degen Toonz NFT. Degen Toonz wants to develop a community town inside the metaverse and plan meet ups with all the OGs. Lastly, the fifth phase is planned out for curating the future of Degen Toonz where the team will drop next the collection of NFTs as well as their own play 2 earn platform.

#3. Lazy Lions – Best NFTs Of Lion Art as Kings & Queens

As they say, Welcome To The Lazy Lions Private Island. On the quest of capturing the world of Web 3.0, find the most unique lions as kings and queens as NFTs. The team has developed more than 10K attributes of the lazy lions each having a unique feature and display. Each unique NFT is generated by using AI and more than 160 different possible traits. These 160 attributes are combined and shuffled within to develop more than 10K NFT pieces. As of now, there are more than 140K active discord members with Lazy Lions, more than 5000 owners and the volume traded is a whopping 27K in ETH. These figures are expected to grow as the team moves further on the roadmap. The team plans on even launching lazy cubs, DAO votes and building an entire sanctuary in the metaverse. Currently, Lazy Lions is currently available in Sandbox, VR chat and PROPERTY’S metaverse platforms. Attributes like Lazy Lions Bungalow NFTs and Lazy Halloween Tokens for exclusive access were the previous airdrops of the Lazy Lions club. The hodlers can decorate their metaverse space or Lazy Lion Bungalows with different NFT art. All the NFTs go up to 10,000 pixels per JPEG which enables the hodlers to get a high quality print output on screen and in physical form. This time, get lazy and join the Lazy Lion family today! Explore The Metaverse And Roar Together! Upwards and ROARwards!

#4. DeGods – Fast Growing NFT Project/Tokens On SOL 

DeGods is an experimental collection of NFTs, and it is a Solana-based project. Their main goal is to launch a $DUST token that will also provide utility uses for the NFT. The unique factor is that this token is distributable organically by burning the Solana NFT. This experimental feature was announced on the official Twitter account of the NFT on the second of January. The initial allocation will be zero, but you will be able to earn them from burning the Solana NFT. You can make use of the $DUST token to purchase the NFT. There will be many other exciting upcoming projects, including Cloudz and Rhinoverse. Every project possesses its unique features in place, and they are the class A NFTs. But that is only going to happen when the holder of this NFT decides to burn more $DUST. There are rumors that they will collaborate with other Solana marketplaces, and they will enable the customers to use $DUST as a currency. You can check out their website to learn more information about them. Once get access to your NFT, go ahead and join their discord server. Verify your access to the DeDAO channels. They have a very engaging community, and you can indulge yourself with them to learn more about the magic that will happen. In this ecosystem, you can burn the rare DeGods for more DUST. Some tools are also available for the community to find the best value of goods that you should purchase. To start in this ecosystem, you require a wallet on the Solana to continue.

#5. Women Rise – Unique & Fascinating NFT Collection Representing Women All Over the World

Women Rise is a beautiful collection of 10,000 unique and the best NFT projects, each of which may be generated at random. These are unique eight pieces by a trendy international artist named Maliha Abidi. This is a unique and fascinating collection that represents women from all over the world. All of them are with different skin tones and cultures. Women from all ethnic groups are representable by using the NFT. It is an excellent NFT choice for women activists and those looking forward to making this world a better place to live in every day. You get access to a unique art piece, and you enjoy the experience because it is inclusive. This NFT is celebrating women’s power on the blockchain. It is for supporting important causes that are worth it in the long run. It is for the betterment of society and the growth of women. If you are passionate about this subject, you can invest in this NFT on the blockchain. Follow them on their official Twitter account. Also, join their discord server to get all the relevant information you need to get you going. The NFT believes that all women are incredible, and every woman is one of a kind and rare. Additionally, all top NFT projects are hand-drawn and have different traits, just like real women all around us. As a result, it is a great investment for open-minded investors because they believe in diversity and the proper representation of women. It further celebrates the power of women globally on an international platform. One hundred twenty-five different backgrounds are available with scarf options as well. While writing, this is the first road map that is sold out completely! There is no need to fret about it because they plan to release a 2.0 roadmap soon! The exciting news is coming your way. There is so much more they will reveal for their plans about the Women Rise! It is becoming more vital than ever with the metaverse so buckle up and be ready on the blockchain. They have also launched their official Merchandise on their Merchandise Store. If you are an official member, you can get access to t-shirts and hoodies. If you are a collector, you are automatically eligible for a 100 apparel items giveaway!

#6. Alpha Art – Dape: Cool Ape Art

The Dape NFT is available on our popular and revolutionary NFT marketplace called Alpha art. This Marketplace enables users from around the world to sell and purchase NFTs based in Solana. It is pretty popular because it currently does not have any listing fees. Dope is a growing and trendy and fit that you can invest in right now because it is not just a regular ape! These are degenerate apes. Different backgrounds are available to choose from, and exclusive clothing and eyewear. You can invest in this NFT for sure if you can resonate with it. Different skins and fur are also available. All you need to do is visit the website and make an NFT of it right away. You can also make an SOL offer! It is among the NFTs which is not super expensive. Start with this one if you do not want to take a more significant risk right now.

#7. Alpha Art – Aurory: New Gaming Studio On SOL Blockchain

The Aurory project is a gaming Studio on the blockchain, and it is a Solana-based ecosystem. The best thing about this ecosystem is that it is free to play and earn role-playing games. It is perfect for those who enjoy role play games and the NFT ecosystem. It is set up in a rich and diverse universe that is also explorable. Several Nefties have populated it. Nefties are the magical creatures that you see in this game. They are designed as the NFTs you are going to invest in. You can catch them and also evolve them. After that, you can read them on the marketplace. If you used to be a Pokemon fan back in the days, you would love this one because it has followed the same concept. But this time, you will run out of it and try it on an actual marketplace! There are two modes available in the game. The first one is the story-driven mode, a single-player mode. The second one is the competitive Battleground for multi-players. The token in this ecosystem is known as $AURY. If you are a player, you will be able to earn this token through PvE and PvP mode. If you want to stimulate the economy that exists in the game, you can spend the $AURY tokens in the marketplace. There is exciting news for the players because, in the future, these tokens are for the governance token as well. If you are looking forward to starting staking, you will need to have $AURY tokens. Furthermore, you also require an SPL-compatible web3 wallet. Make sure that you also have $SOL in your wallet to pay the transaction fee. But do not worry if the mention of paying a transaction fee is discouraging you from joining this ecosystem because it is not a big deal. The transaction fee is meager, and it will last for a long time, which is why it is worth it. The transaction fee is as low as 0.1 SOL. Once you have performed all the mentioned steps, you can connect your wallet with the staking application. Choose an amount, and then confirm your transaction at the end. However, if you are looking forward to withdrawing your stake, then the same process will be applicable for you in this regard.

#8. Alpha Art – Pesky Penguins: Classy Penguin NFT Project 

Pesky Penguins is a well-known NFT that is available on the Solana blockchain. These are pixel Penguins which are very classy and fun. If you are a penguin lover, you can invest in this one. As we all know, these are the times of Minecraft that we live in, and pixelated art is worth millions of dollars worldwide. Despite how much technology has evolved, pixelated art will never go out of style, as there is something fascinating about those tiny dots that you see all over your screen! And in this case, it is a fun-loving flock of penguin friends living on an Iceberg in the Metaverse. It does not get any cuter than that, and that is why you should consider investing in this NFT right now! You can also select the accessories and beaks of your choice.

What Are NFTs?

If you are interested in learning about NFTs, then, first of all, learn the difference between fungible and non-fungible assets. Fungible assets are assets that are exchanged for each other directly. Examples of fungible assets include gold, oil, USD, a bag of wheat, and so on. On the other hand, non-fungible assets are assets that are not exchangeable for each other. You cannot interchange them. Examples of non-fungible assets include art, collectibles, digital art, trading cards, a plot of land, and so on. Non-fungible assets are tokenizable on the blockchain, and it is the method that verifies whether the token is authentic or not. If you want to trade an asset, then you can do it with the option of NFT digital art. It also includes the in-game purchases made by gamers, such as tokens, costumes, and ammunition. You might have heard that most of the NFTs are a part of the Ethereum blockchain. But have you ever thought, why is that? The Ethereum blockchain supports these NFTs to store all the extra information. The same support is not available on every cryptocurrency like dogecoin or Bitcoin. But does not mean that other cryptocurrencies cannot have their version of NFTs. Some of the cryptocurrencies have already come up with their version of non-fungible tokens, and we are expecting further growth in this industry in the upcoming times. Many people don’t know this, but please don’t always have to be drawings and art because they can also be in music and artificial intelligence. Currently, all the buzz is about using different types of Technologies to sell and purchase digital art in the form of non-fungible tokens. NFT is a cryptographic asset on the blockchain market. Every NFT has its identification code and metadata. These codes are responsible for differentiating one NFT from another. The significant difference between cryptocurrency and NFT is that NFTs cannot make commercial transactions. It is because they are not interchangeable equivalently. There is no way to replicate an NFT, and you can utilize them to represent the things that exist in real life. It can be in the form of artwork or music through tokenizing the real-world assets. One can also use NFT to represent an individual’s identity or their rights to certain land.

Are Non-fungible Tokens a Bubble?

Popular non-fungible tokens are currently going for a ton of money. Even if you want to get your hands on the least expensive non-fungible token, then you need to have at least 75 Ethereum in your wallet. These prices fluctuate, but if you want to purchase a decent non-fungible token that is relatively popular enough, you need to spend around 6 million dollars. The prices are incredibly high, so there is a strong possibility of a bubble. Other people have also proposed that the NFT collection could become the next big entertainment industry. Millions of dollars are backing up these non-fungible tokens, which is why they can hold special occasions and yacht parties for their owners. The entertainment companies are expandable by holding concerts and private parties for the owners of the non-fungible tokens.

How to Buy NFTs

Would you like to know how to join the bandwagon that everyone is talking about with extreme FOMO? The latest news indicates that OpenSea is the best place to purchase non-fungible tokens. OpenSea is an NFT marketplace, and it is trendy for having the most non-fungible tokens available for sale at all times. Larva’s Lab is another popular website for buying popular non-fungible tokens that everyone is talking about. But if you want to purchase them from OpenSea, you need to make sure that you have an Ethereum wallet and Ethereum tokens. Now this Marketplace has many different kinds of wallets, and the best one is going to be metamask. Perform all these tasks by using your Google Chrome Browser, and you get access to these websites with the browser. What are you waiting for if you don’t have a cryptocurrency exchange account? Go and make one right now to start your journey!

Why Are Non-fungible Tokens necessary?

The current finance system comprises trading used for different assets. These assets can be in the form of real estate and hard work in digital form. However, it is essential to note that the concept of digital representation of any physical asset and a unique identification code is not new because it has existed for a long time now. The newness comes when these concepts are further incorporated with smart contracts and blockchain. It becomes a powerful force and an excellent investment method thriving in the blockchain market when this happens. Market efficiency is a great advantage of NFTs. Whenever physical artwork and paintings were involved, the agent was always needed who acted as a third party between the customer and the artist. However, the need for a third party or an agent is eliminated after the arrival of NFT in the blockchain world. There is no requirement for the agents because the artist is in touch with their audience and discusses the business transactions. They discuss how the process is processable further. The second significant benefit of non-fungible tokens is identity management. The brightest example to explain this concept is the concept of having a physical passport. A passport is necessary at every entry and exit point. In such a way passport is convertible into NFT. It is vital because every NFT possesses its identifying code and unique characters. The digital world is significantly improvable when identity management comes forward by using the concept of NFTs.

Cryptocurrency Price Movements

The market trend has been in such a way that when the price of an NFT increases, cryptocurrency diminishes. It happens because most non-fungible tokens are purchasable using the Ethereum blockchain. That is the main reason why investors always want to be exposed to Ethereum when the prices are increasing at a rapid speed. The opposite happens when Ethereum goes down. In this scenario, the prices of NFT start increasing. It has always been a trend that the investors in the cryptocurrency world always care about the dollar value of their investment.

How to Store NFTs Safely

If you want to store your NFTs safely, the perfect solution will be the hardware wallet. Many hardware wallets can easily store thousands of cryptocurrencies, including NFTs. People make use of these convenient wallets because they enable you to store your cryptocurrency offline. It is excellent for security because your funds are not stolen. After all, you can access them without using an internet connection.

The Future of Non-fungible Tokens

In human nature, humans always want to brag about how well they are in front of other wealthy people. Humans can flaunt their wealth in many different ways. For example, they can purchase expensive real estate property or any other expensive accessory like a watch or a car. There is always a race between wealthy human beings regarding who has the best luxurious items, rare and one of a kind in the world. Since humans are designed in such a way, this is going to continue in the future as well. Non-fungible tokens make it easier for people to flaunt their wealth and verify the authenticity of these expensive things. The value of these non-fungible tokens is available over the internet, so you get to see their value. It allows a person to openly flaunt their wealth and let everyone know that you have spent millions of dollars on a single JPG image! There is a lot of bus going on about NFTs right now. You can also invest in NFTs but make sure that you have done enough research before indulging in this industry. You should always know what you can lose and whether you can afford it. NFTs have been very popular since 2021, and until now, billions of people have traded these non-fungible tokens and spent billions of dollars on them. It is a robust community that is backed up by advanced technology and artificial intelligence as well.

Usage of non-Fungible Token in Other Industries

These non-fungible tokens have been utilized by all diverse Industries, including the gaming industry and the finance sector all over the world. There is no end to the non-fungible tokens now because there are a lot of potential applications for them. Many people believe in the non-fungible tokens so much that they even claim that NFT will be a mode of official commercial transaction after a decade. Some people go so far beyond and think that they will replace the legal documents and real estate investments that it already has to be honest. But some other people think that it will fade away and it is not going to be among the big players. But we all know that it will be collaborating with the Metaverse very soon.

Connection of NFTs With the Metaverse

If you do not know what the Metaverse is, then there is no need to fret about it because we will explain it to you! The Metaverse is a digital space that has combined physical reality and virtual reality features. Many people already believe that it is the future of online transactions and how they will be carried out in the upcoming time. We have seen Mark Zuckerberg talking about it all the time on his live streams on Facebook and usually does have a plan for it! He has also recently announced a name change for Facebook to Meta. Further, all the social media applications under Mark Zuckerberg, including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, are called “the metaverse company.” Now, you must be wondering what all of this has to do with non-fungible tokens. Well, Mark Zuckerberg stated that privacy is a significant concern for the Metaverse, and it is incorporated in that properly. The lives of people are going to shift to an online space, which is why there will be a need to make it secure. This is how people will be able to have authentic identities online and also have digital assets. This is where the non-fungible tokens will come into play and rock your world. This virtual space will be like the real world, and you can communicate with whoever you want and complete different challenges and go shopping. You will be able to do all the things that you love doing in real life, but the only difference is that you will be doing it in a virtual world. And the mode of payment that you will be using to make transactions online will be the non-fungible tokens. There are many more plans about this virtual space implemented soon enough, and non-fungible tokens are a massive part of it. And that pretty much proves that non-fungible logins are not going anywhere, and they are here to stay and have a great future ahead. If you have not already invested in non-fungible tokens, we will invest you in doing the right now to stay up to date and relevant about what is happening globally in the virtual space.


Non-fungible tokens have a lot of potential in the gaming industry because, until now, thousands of games have been built, and their entire concept revolves around non-fungible tokens. These non-fungible tokens are integrated into these games, and you can invest in them. The method by which the in-game marketplace operates has been wholly revolutionized after the non-fungible tokens. Blockchain and non-fungible tokens have an excellent future in the upcoming times in the play to earn the gaming industry. These play-to-earn gaming models are top-rated in developing countries. Nowadays, everyone is looking to make easy money, and playing more video games to earn money is a smart choice indeed. There are many games on the blockchain that Pokemon have inspired, and you can catch them all and make them your own! Who knew that Pokemon came up with an original idea so many years ago when the non-fungible token was not even a thing on the blockchain! Non-fungible tokens have a great future in the Metaverse as well.

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