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SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 8-Year-old Spanish artist Leonardo Pastrana and his family announced the debut of NFT series with Cyphrly Studio, the new NFT unit by the blockchain arm Lambda256 of Dunamu. Marking the first of his NFTs, Cyphrly Studio helped reimagine some of Leonardo’s hand-painted works that turned the young talent’s artistic vision into reality. 

Three different works of NFT by the young artist were released on Upbit NFT on February 9th. In recreating his work as NFTs, Cyphrly Studio provided visual direction with layers of technology embedded in his artworks. From meticulously animated movements, sound effects by an eminent Korean sound director, Leonardo’s NFTs were fully orchestrated versions of his creations down to the finest detail.

“I wanted to play with the Jellydog that I painted!” said the 8-year-old Leonardo Pastrana. “So Cyphrly gave him color-changing chips, had the dog make barking and farting sounds, which was really cool. I had so much fun.”

Having held several solo exhibitions in Asia and in Madrid and dedicated booths at global art fairs, Leonardo has already made a name for himself in the art world since his debut in 2019. Many liken his works to that of Jean-Michel Basquiat with his seemingly scribble-like techniques and enigmatic symbols on his iconic paintings.

“In the past year, NFTs have become a new mode for expression for digital creativity – one with a traceable and verifiable ownership on the blockchain,” said Min Jung (Nicole) Kim, Business Development & Strategy Lead for NFT art. “With exceptional creators in the pipeline, our new NFT unit will be focused on uncovering each of its artistic value, grounded in our commitment to technology and sustainability.”

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Lambda256, subsidiary of Upbit operator Dunamu, launched in May 2018 as a BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) unit that offers a comprehensive portfolio of blockchain solutions that addresses various challenges of blockchain adoption.

As the global industry-leading BaaS provider, Lambda256 has worked with over 3,300 corporate clients in building, deploying and managing blockchain networks at scale with Luniverse, its hallmark platform. The company also serves as a technology partner for VerifyVASP, a Singapore-based FATF travel rule solution provider designed to ensure data integrity through full-scale compliance for VASPs and their customers. Learn how Luniverse has helped companies unlock the value of blockchain at www.luniverse.io.

About Dunamu Inc.:

Founded in Seoul, Korea in April 2012, Dunamu Inc. is one of the country’s leading fintech companies. Focused on combining traditional financial services with cutting edge technology, Dunamu operates Upbit, the digital asset exchange with world-class blockchain technology, regulatory expertise, and operational know-how. Dunamu also operates Korea’s top stock trading platform, Stockplus, and provides marketing services and IT infrastructure development for financial firms through its subsidiaries.

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