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AstroGen’s core mission is to break down barriers between traditional artists and NFTs by enabling them to launch a Generative NFT collection with just the tip of their fingers.

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San Francisco, California, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AstroGen, a visionary user-friendly, Generative NFT Launchpad has been unveiled, built by AstroVerse Collective, a team aiming to build their own mini-ecosystem of products on the NEAR network. AstroGen aims to be a lifeboat for traditional and non-traditional artists planning to launch NFTs by giving them full control and ownership of their NFT collection.

Any artist from all around the globe can apply. Head over to their website to apply and the team will look over and review the application. AstroGen welcomes artists of all different styles and types. To ensure quality control, launching on AstroGen is currently by application only. The minting revenue AstroGen receives is 10%. Of this 10%, 50% of it goes to AstroGen and the other 50% goes to NearNauts NFT holders.

What is NearNauts NFT ?

NearNauts is a community-driven collection of 7777 PFP NFTs built on the Near Network consisting of randomly generated Nauts with varying traits and rarity.

NEARNauts aims to pioneer the NFT space on NEAR, by growing a completely organic, loyal community around the project. By entering the NEARNauts family, you are climbing aboard what aims to be the most sought after, rewarding club in the NEAR Ecosystem.

The core team consists of Ted (the founder) with a background in design and development and a natural affinity for NFT’s, hence NEARNauts was born. The resident artist Goose, is an NFT artist who was acquainted with the founder on twitter. Donny, the head marketer – who has a long history in cryptocurrency and marketing. Putting his passions together for NFTs and blockchain technology, he stepped up to the NEARNauts team to help bring eyes to the project. These visionaries teamed up with the intention of bringing an NFT project with a never before seen style of artwork, with every aspect being absolutely original.

Of course, there’s still more to this project. The project has a well planned-out roadmap and a long-term utility. The NearNauts Ecosystem currently has two phases. Phase 1, which was completed last year Q4 2021 consisted of Marketing Phase 1, Community Engagement, Vigorous Testnet, Testing Main net launch and Live Minting. Phase 2, which is still ongoing, consists of Community DAO, Marketing Phase 2, Continued Community Engagement, First Phase of Community Project Direction, and Further Development.

For long-term utility, NearNauts holders will get rewarded with 50% of the 10% revenue share that AstroGen gets from each NFT that builds, creates, and releases in their launchpad. “AstroGen (NearNauts) is for anyone who is looking to learn, connect, invest in a utility-driven NFT and wants a genuine project that truly delivers ,” said Norah Brooks

Closing Remarks:

NFTs are truly this generation’s gold rush, AstroGen’s NFT launchpad aims to provide the shovel and impact the lives of artists by giving them full control of their collection. AstroGen is doing things right. Other reputable NFT project creators who have had their assets sell out within minutes have stated how impressed they were after spending time in AstroGen (NearNauts) Discord.

Without a doubt, AstroGen (NearNauts) has the great potential of becoming the world’s leading-edge generative NFT launchpad . To learn more about the project, make sure to check out the official website.

Meanwhile, those interested in joining the growing community can follow the project via Twitter (12.3k followers), and Paras.Id (1972 NFT holders).

In addition, the AstroGen (NearNaut’s) Discord channel is a great place to learn, connect, and grow alongside other holders who believe in the project’s vision.




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