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“BoredMafia Club,” a collection of mafia-inspired NFTs, is set to launch for public minting on Dec. 5. There are a total of 5,000 NFTs in the collection.

Future plans for the project include a second NFT collection to be expected in the first quarter of next year and an NFT game and a token. All of these are to be expected in 2022.

The mafia-inspired NFT collection is the latest addition to the list of NFTs based on and inspired by people.

‘BoredMafia Club’ NFT Collection Drops on Dec. 5

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1⃣5000 unique Mafias & upcoming game

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5⃣New token launch in 2nd quarter pic.twitter.com/t5BU5pqGCq

— Boredmafia Club (@boredMafiaclub) November 5, 2021

“BoredMafia Club,” a collection of 5,000 mafia-inspired NFTs, is scheduled for its public mint on Dec. 5. The public mint is set to begin at 7 p.m. UTC.

Each NFT can be minted for 0.079 Ethereum (ETH). However, a limit of 20 NFTs can be bought per transaction.

The mafia-inspired NFT collection joins the list of NFT collections that are scheduled for launch on Dec. 5. According to a list compiled by Rarity Tools, other NFTs that are launching on the aforementioned date include “Sol Enforcers” and “Alien Alliance.”

According to the “BoredMafia Club” website, all 5,000 NFTs in the collection are evenly distributed between five gangs: Cosa Nostra, Sicily, Ndrangheta, Triads, and Yakuza.

“Each Gang will have 1 Boss, 50 Underboss, 300 Lieutenant and 649 Soldiers,” according to the website. The Boss NFT is considered the rarest one of the bunch.

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Future NFT Game and Other Plans

Big and exciting things are in store for holders of the “BoredMafia Club” NFTs as seen in the roadmap included in the project’s official website.

Per the roadmap, a second NFT collection called “SheMafia” can be expected in the first quarter of 2022. All holders of the “BoredMafia Club” NFTs are automatically included in the whitelist of the presale.

The project’s token, which will be called $Mafia, is scheduled for launch in the second quarter of the year while the beta launch of the project’s NFT game will take place in the third quarter.

The developers of the project are also planning on holding ETH giveaways. 50 random NFT holders will win 0.09 ETH when the collection is 25% sold. 100 random holders will win the same amount of crypto once the collection is completely sold out.

People-Inspired NFT Collections

“BoredMafia Club” is the newest example of NFT collections that are inspired by or based on people.

Another example of people-inspired NFTs is “ONE Shogun.” Its 5,000 ninja NFTs and 5,000 samurai NFTs went on public sale on Sept. 17. Similarly to “BoredMafia Club,” it will have an NFT game in the future.

“CryptoDads” is also an example of people-inspired NFTs. “CryptoDads,” which dropped on Sept. 10,” will have two follow-up collections called “CryptoMoms” and “CryptoTots.” Keeping with the theme of the project, a lawnmower racing NFT game has also been announced by the project’s developers.

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