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LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fans and industry influencers alike will soon be able to own a piece of hip-hop, rap and street history through the new NFT collector platform Flash Mints. Curated and built through blockchain technology by visual artist Enrico Moses and his team, Flash Mints will allow collectors to own a piece of history featuring cultural icons including Snoop Dogg, Nas, Dr. Dre, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., the Wu Tang Clan, and Public Enemy.

Initially featuring selections from notable hip-hop and street photographers including Chi Modu, Ricky Powell, T. Eric Monroe, and Jamil GS, Enrico Moses and his team envisions Flash Mints as the premiere platform for photographers to fully monetize their work.

“Our goal is to help them enter and thrive in the NFT space by making it easy to connect with collectors from all over the world,” shares Moses. “Flash Mints is made for photographers, with the goal of helping them monetize on their own terms while protecting the value of their art for themselves and their collectors.”

Flash Mints is designed to give power back to photographers, all while making collecting visual art more accessible to people everywhere, regardless of the size of their physical space or geographical location. Each of the first five collection drops will feature 2021 NFTs with various edition/rarity sizes, with more collaborations and drops planned in the future.

The project’s inception first began when Moses introduced his late friend Chi Modu to the NFT space and helped him mint his first NFT. Moses, an entrepreneur, tech startup founder, and graphic designer, previously launching a menswear boutique at the age of 23, where he started his friendship with Chi Modu while traveling out to NYC. Upon seeing the potential with Chi, he quickly dove into the space, eventually landing on the Flash Mints concept and design.

Joining Moses on this project is Allen Hena, the mastermind behind the successful launch of The Hundred’s first NFT collection, The Adam Bomb Squad, which sold out of 25,000 NFTs in 40 minutes. Henna, who is also a part of the Hashmasks and Vaynermedia’s NFT team, is an experienced software engineer and architect, focused on developing strategies, leadership and education in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency and Web3 sectors. Also a part of Flash Mints’ launch team is the team at NFT Media Box, lead by Kelvin Troy, who previously spearheaded the sold-out Monster Rehab and the Arabian Camels collection.

“When you see these images, you’re brought back to a time of nostalgia,” shares Moses. “You think back to where you were, who you were around, what you were doing. Photographs help us remember moments in our lives, including what we love, how we felt, and who we admired. I am thrilled that our team is empowering artists through a full service technology solution, while also enabling collectors to have a more accessible way to obtain a piece of nostalgic history through Flash Mints’ unique platform.”

Flash Mints first drop is Jamil GS’s Genesis Collection, and the full drop schedule can be found below. Fans and interested community members can keep up to date via the Flash Mints website ( or via social media on Instagram and Twitter. The team also encourages people to join the discord community to learn more about the releases, community events and also to provide feedback into photographers they would like to see next on the platform.

Drop Schedule:

  • Dec 4: Jamil G.S. (8 am PST) Click Here For Details
  • Dec 10: T.Eric Monroe
  • Dec 18: Ricky Powell
  • Dec 24: Chi Modu
  • Jan 02: Yaasmyn Fula


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