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A custom McLaren MK 570 is being offered up via an NFT drop called “Reactor Motors,” which will give one NFT holder the chance to unlock a custom Iron McLaren supercar.

Creative NFT agency 1ofOne is behind the limited-edition NFT series that will be available for purchase on OpenSea this holiday season. Each of the 8,888 Reactor NFTs is a piece of generative art designed by Mike Bundlie and will feature unique rarity traits to determine the cars’ top speed, acceleration, handling, drifting and more.

“We wanted to take the idea of original storytelling and metaverse racing and combine them with the power of community and original art in a way you can only do with NFTs,” said 1ofOne co-founder Jeff Hood.

Bundlie said that each Reactor NFT is made of thousands of hand-placed pieces wrapped around a clean energy crystal. “I wanted to bring the viewer into the story, so instead of a static image, each piece pulls the viewer into the Reactor where you see the crystal transform and create a supercar,” he added.

Reactor Motors NFT buyers will be able to use their collectibles in an exclusive metaverse racing game. The winner of the one-of-a-kind, real-life McLaren supercar will be randomly selected from the 8,888 NFT owners.

The McLaren is decked out in gloss gold metallic and black red iridescent paint and features Iron Man iconography across the body and interior. It also includes stylish blue LEDs along the body lines and a custom ARC reactor hood.

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