Despite Initial Backlash,Tai Lopez Might Be In The NFT Industry To Stay –


Tai Lopez seems to be neglecting the backlash and negative comments he received on Twitter recently. Maybe he’s here to stay in the NFT industry despite the controversy?

The picture depicts Tai Lopez in a library
Tai Lopez who calls himself Crypto Philantrophist received backlash when people called his NFT collection  “cash-grab”. Image Credit: Unico Things

His recent tweet suggests he doesn’t care about it at all. He even asked for suggestions on the crypto community for guests on his “Wen Lambo with Tai Lopez” podcast.

The picture depicts a Tweet of Tai Lopez on Twitter inviting people on his podcast
Tai Lopez doesn’t mind the backlash and asks for guests on his podcast. Image Credit: Tai Lopez on Twitter

3LAU(@3LAU) responded to his tweet and challenged Tai to prove himself to the community first by sending help to Ukraine. “Match my 100k donation to

@Ukraine & I’ll consider it. Mr. Crypto Philanthropist.” Maybe, everyone hasn’t forgotten the issues he’s involved in the past week.

Tai Lopez and His Controversial NFT Collection

So where did it all begin? Let’s take a recap. It started when

a former Coinbase engineer Ox Beans (@Ox_Beans) discovered that’s there’s something amiss about Tai’s project. In a tweet, he shared a screenshot explaining that whenever someone mints an NFT in Tai’s collection, some of the user’s funds get transferred into the wallet of Tai’s team members. In blockchain where everything is transparent, Tai surely can’t deny the rumor.

Because of the revelation, the crypto community was enraged. But that’s not the only thing that tainted his already questionable reputation. When he released his NFTs entitled ‘Original Garage’,  some of the utilities include 1 on 1 Shadow Tai in Person at His Office’ and ‘1 on 1 WhatsApp Access to Tai Lopez’s Personal Number’ with a ridiculous amount of price. People began calling it a cash grab.

However, even if Tai Lopez gets called out on several occasions, it seems he doesn’t mind. What will happen next? We are yet to find out.

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