Disco Fries Unveil Innovative NFT Pack, ‘Friends Of Fries’ [RCRDSHP – Your EDM


Disco Fries have been a prominent name in the electronic music scene for years, known for crafting a sound we all know and love that blends mainstream and club-stream elements. They’ve nearly peaked the Billboard charts, collaborated with Tiesto and Krewella, and have graced the biggest festival stages including EDC Las Vegas.

Now, Disco Fries are back and delivering an innovative new experience, forging their path in Web3 with a new pack titled ‘Friends of Fries‘, featuring some of their own music, collaborators, and up- and-coming artists, dropping on RCRDSHP. The pack features over 30 collectibles in total, with rewards and challenges for fans to have a chance at creating a track with Disco Fries, as well as a 1 of 1 fan experience, which includes a full studio day and dinner with the duo. Disco Fries are creating more utility and rewards from this pack than has ever been seen before on RCRDSHP – even more proof they continue to set a new standard when it comes to what can be done with music NFT’s and all they have to offer.

In addition to NFT drops, Disco Fries have created a successful platform known as Finish My Track. It is a place where artists can take their music a step further to get it retail ready. If you need your drums replaced, or vocals on a record, Disco Fries are powering what is now known as the “world’s first finishing house”, a step beyond just mixing and mastering a record. In addition to the website, the Disco Fries do a weekly live stream of the same name, bringing on A-list guests in the music and greater entertainment space to share their wisdom on what it takes to break through the noise, and cultivate a successful career in the industry.

All in all, Disco Fries continue to pioneer the way forward in the music and now Web3 space, going above and beyond not only for their fans, but any lover of music.

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