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When the world is fixated on apes, whales and other nonfungible tokens (NFT), the most famous of all memes — the one that started a whole new revolution within cryptocurrencies — remains largely ignored. Doge Capital’s exclusive NFTs tackle this issue and, at the same time, allow its NFT holders a whole new income stream through a staking program that offers daily DAWG tokens as a reward.

Woof Club

Doge Capital has made a limited quantity of the NFTs, each of which is a cute pixel art (24×24 pixel) that belongs to the exclusive 5,000 NFT collection. To join the Doge Capital Woof Club, a user must hold at least one of the NFTs. Each NFT and its art representation is guaranteed to be unique through the use of generative coding, where a computer program creates random variations, making each piece one of a kind.

While the NFTs will be making their own worth in the NFT sphere, there’s a lot more to it than just an increase in value. Doge Capital is offering a staking program in which these NFTs can be put to good use. Staking will lead to a consistent income stream through the release of Doge Capital’s utility token, DAWG. The Doge Capital platform will also back its users through the procurement of additional NFTs. Every NFT acquired by Doge Capital will be put in the WoofBank, a community wallet. Since users will be holding Doge NFTs and DAWG, they will be the true bank owners.

How to stake to earn DAWG


DAWG, the platform’s utility token, is more than just a digital asset. Already listed on Raydium and Dexlab, it is liquid and thus a perfect earning source for Doge Capital users. While users can go to the exchanges and buy the token, they can also invest in Doge Capital NFTs and additional airdrops and stake these to earn free tokens.

When staking goes live, users can head over to the staking section on the Doge Capital website and decide which Doge NFT they would like to commit. One Doge NFT staked equates to 5 DAWG token rewards per day, while an airdropped NFT will equate to 1 DAWG reward per day.

It’s advisable to stake both, as claiming the rewards requires a user to have both committed. Once the stake is farmed, one airdropped NFT will be burnt (the Doge NFT will remain unaffected). This will encourage users to stake for longer periods and bring stability to the DAWG token. Doge Capital will continue to drop supplementary NFTs so that airdropped NFTs are available for users to burn should they want to claim their rewards several times.

DAWG tokenomics

Total supply: 30 million.

Circulating supply: 1.5 million (circulating supply will remain the same until staking is live).

30 million tokens are distributed as follows:

  • 1% — airdrop to Doge Capital holders who have delisted their Doges from marketplaces.

  • 5% — initial liquidity on Raydium.

  • 10% — reserve liquidity (liquidity to be added to the pool in the future).

  • 10% — team and advisors (to be distributed monthly over 20 months, so distribution per month is just 0.5%).

  • 14% — marketing.

  • 60% — staking rewards.

About Doge Capital

Doge Capital believes in the power of the people, and the Woof decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is built just for that. The DAO will let users decide as a community as they go forward. For example, would they like to liquidate NFTs in the WoofBank or distribute them among themselves? They get to choose. DAWG offers exclusive access to future Doge Capital activities and events, including limited merchandise. The token acts as a medium of exchange within the Doge Capital ecosystem and will be the only way to pay for the different services and products offered.

For more information about Doge Capital, visit the official website. Follow Doge Capital on Twitter and join its Discord channel.

About the team

Dogefather – Lead Developer



GomuGomuNo – Marketing:



Thiccdoge – Art: Twitter:

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