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New NFT collection — Budverse Legends: Dwyane Wade x Budweiser Zero Edition — will drop May 24 with special membership opportunitiesBudweiser

Dwyane Wade is expanding his efforts with Budweiser Zero in a new collaboration focused on the metaverse and digital collectibles. Wade’s likeness and personal messages are now featured on custom cans of the non-alcoholic beer that he co-founded and helped launch in ’20. On May 24, an NFT collection — Budverse Legends: Dwyane Wade x Budweiser Zero Edition — will drop with special membership opportunities and a charitable angle, as the brand will donate net profits to create a grant program for minority-owned businesses in underserved communities across the U.S. The NFTs will be issued across three tiers, with varying levels of merchandise and in-person experiences as rewards. One experience will include a meetup with Wade at a Jazz game; he recently invested in the team. “We’re trying to build our own fan base, and we want to build it through the younger generation,” Wade told SBJ. “So, this NFT space is something that that excites us, because we’re able to tap into the younger generation.” He is confident his personal brand can help this new digital collectible line reach the mainstream fan. “What I bring to the table in the NFT space is the utilities part of it, because I can bring experiences that are one-of-one, and that’s something that I have to my advantage,” Wade said.

BUSINESS PLANS: Wade’s first entry into the NFT space is also a bit of a family affair, with his oldest son Zaire helping lead the overall charge into digital collectibles. “He’s been the one that’s been tabbed to take our family into this next space, the metaverse,” Wade said. “We’re trying to figure out, ‘What does the Wade’s NFT (space) look like? What can we provide that is special and authentic that people who support us want to be a part of?’” Wade thinks there is plenty of room to grow in the space, as well. “This is a part of the now and this is probably going to be a part of our future,” he said. “So, it’s all of our jobs to make sure that we continue to evolve and continue to advance.” Overall, Wade cited the connectivity offered by digital collectibles as what makes him most excited. “We look at that as like a cool opportunity to be able to connect with a different audience that we wouldn’t be able to connect with in our everyday life,” he said.

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