eCommerce Platform Launches NFT Collection Shopverse –

ecommerce-platform-shoppingio-launches-nft-collection-shopverse-–, the first eCommerce platform to enable users to buy from hubs using over 200 cryptocurrencies, is expanding its product catalog and rolling out its own NFT collection — the Shopverse, reported on Tuesday (Dec. 15).

The Shopverse,’s introduction of its genesis NFT line, is a journey into the metaverse. It’s the first NFT that offers perks when shoppers buy from major eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Home Depot.

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It’s also the first NFT that serves as a user’s pass to navigate a virtual world behind, and will offer a glimpse into how a shopping mall can be perceived as part of the metaverse.

In what is seen as among the biggest events in eCommerce, walks alongside the user, aiming to deliver a unique and unprecedented experience. NFT holders can “rent out customizable storefronts in the early stages of the metaverse,” according to the report.

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The metaverse is positioned to be among the most highly trafficked online areas, bringing together those looking to make friends or explore virtual worlds.

“We are building the first eCommerce platform empire in the metaverse, and we invite you to be a part of it!” said Arbel Arif, CEO.

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