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FAPP is a very unusual nonfungible token (NFT) collection. It’s not about animals or pixel faces. It depicts, well, you can see yourself.

It’s bold and provocative. But, it has a strong message: Body positivity is quite a trend nowadays, but mostly it’s not about men. FAPP reminds us that even men sometimes don’t accept themselves.

What makes FAPP special?

Not only the message and vivid art but also serious charity goals.

FAPP founder Eli states that he is going to make a donation of $100,000 to one of the HIV/AIDS foundations once the sales start. 

There’s already a list of organizations. One of them will receive the money transfer. 

FAPP is a project that will teach you to laugh at yourself, accept yourself with all your peculiarities and love your body.

There’s a full story of project #FAPP listed on Medium.

Who are the people behind FAPP?

The founder’s name is Eli and he started investing in Bitcoin (BTC) back in 2016. 

Eli has always been interested in art, investments, cars and collecting various things. 

He graduated as a financial manager which helped him to understand the economics of NFTs. Eli made his first money from marketing and traffic acquisition, and he was continuously investing all his money into different assets. 

The NFT artist’s name is Robert and he’s also a tattoo master. Eli’s idea quickly resonated in his heart.

There’s an article with much more details about FAPP founders.

What has been done and what are the plans for the future?

The artist created 175 hand-drawn traits for NFTs. Then, the developers created a website on Web 3.0.

Then, a smart contract was released, making the sale of tokens as reliable as possible.

The cost of each NFT on the primary market will be 0.08 Ether (ETH). In the future, each collector will be able to resell them at the price that he considers necessary. 7% of every transaction in the secondary market will go to the project’s liquidity pool. This money will be used to develop the project, invest in charity and help make the planet more eco-friendly. 

Each collector will have the right to vote and influence the further development of the project. 

More information about the FAPP plans can be found here: The FAPP Roadmap.

FAPP marketing strategy

There is a professional marketing team working on the project promotion.

The declared marketing budget is over $150,000, and it’s distributed between many channels: celebrities, YouTube and Twitter influencers, Instagram and Facebook ads.

FAPP also partnered with Hennessy Carolina — Cardi B’s sister.

Where can I read more information about FAPP?

Here you can find a short video explainer:

The Next 100x NFT Collection called FAPP

Here’s an article explaining the economy of the token deeper:

FAPP Tokenomics

Here are some key links to FAPP:

How can you buy a FAPP NFT?

The mint-pass will go on sale on Nov. 23. The creators promise that the owners of the first collection will be able to receive the following privileges:

  • Receive one free NFT from the following collection;
  • Receive an additional item available only to you;
  • Vote on the choice of a charitable organization;
  • When buying a token on the primary market, it will cost significantly less which means you can make good money.

The excitement around the collection is quite considerable, so we believe that it will cost several times more than on the day of release after a while.

To purchase a FAPP mint-pass, make sure to fill out the form before Nov. 23, and join FAPP Discord so you don’t miss any updates.

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