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Bubblehouse and Groot Hospitality will debut their first collaboration: a limited-edition NFT called “Fire & Ice,” which will be paired with an extraordinary–and edible–dessert at Komodo on April 7.

The two companies are working together to recreate IRL immersions in the digital realm. On April 7, “Fire & Ice” will be available as an NFT and a dessert. The former will be available exclusively through Bubblehouse and the latter available at Komodo, Groot Hospitality’s Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant in Miami’s Brickell district.

“Fire & Ice” is a Non-Fungible Token that displays an electronic, animated representation of the dessert. A glowing-gold dragon holds a burning egg, and darkening palm trees in the background. Only 300 of these NFTs will be made available, and each will cost $100.00. (Apple Pay and other payment methods accepted). It’s worth noting that purchasing this first NFT will give you first dibs on future Groot NFT sales on the Bubblehouse platform.

Guests that purchase the NFT will be able to order the “Fire & Ice” dessert, which consists of a dark chocolate egg served on a dragon-shaped platter. It has an ombré coloration of red, gold, orange, and black on its shell. A coconut meringue with chocolate crisp and cake is included in the egg. To “break” the egg, servers will pour 151 rum over the dish that has been lit on fire, melting the chocolate within. A caramel passion fruit sauce is poured on top to ensure that the flame is extinguished. On-site at Komodo, the dessert costs an extra $100.00.

Bubblehouse, the first eco-friendly and social NFT marketplace, has effectively entered the fashion world by working with Altuzarra, Markarian, Vaquera, and Willy Chavarria as the go-to platform for luxury brands wishing to enter the NFT space in the last few months. By working with Groot Hospitality, one of the country’s leading industry firms, it is now breaking into the restaurant, travel, and hotel sectors.

“A big part of what we aim for at Komodo—and all Groot properties—is to create new and highly memorable experiences,” said David Grutman, Founder of Groot Hospitality. “By combining the culinary world with Bubblehouse and digital art, we see this dessert-NFT combo as a first step to a near limitless future. The metaverse is only going to grow, and we’re going to be right there with it as it evolves.”

Photography by: Courtesy Luciana Salamé

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