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The hype around Play-to-Earn games and NFTs are echoing throughout the gaming industry, drawing in newcomers in search of their lucky break. That’s no surprise considering the $30b market cap that P-2-E reached in 2021. But here’s the question – will classic gaming adapt to suit this new trend in 2022? And what does NFT have to do with it?

Gaming: price or value?

Have you ever thought about what the main difference is between classic gaming publishers and their crypto counterparts? The former group tends towards ‘taking’, while the latter group ‘gives’. Imagine being in the situation where the Steam owner Gaben says you can earn real money for every action in the game. Sounds unrealistic, right? Usually, it’s a one-way street – ‘developers need more money’!

That leaves users who bought the game, the add-ons, the starter bundle, VIP access and other in-game items with nothing. Some users might try to sell their items in marketplaces like Steam. But most of the time, this experience could not be described as satisfying. We’re not saying it doesn’t work, it just could be better.

Unlike classic publishers, crypto enthusiasts are going about gaming in a completely different way. Most of the steps and achievements in NFT Play-to-Earn games can generate profit. All progress is captured on the blockchain, which automatically assures transparency and means real money. How attractive and novel! Can you imagine a more effective way than that to develop the gaming industry?

Biggest winners so far

When it comes to names, the first that comes to mind is Axie Infinity – the most hyped crypto gaming project of 2021. Starting at a humble $0.12, the project’s token reached $165 in 1 year, placing Axie Infinity in the top 20 crypto projects. Users who joined at the very beginning made over x100 on their initial investment. Amazing, yes but this is not what we’re pointing at. It’s how they made such profit that bears marvelling at – simply by playing a funny Pokemon-styled game!

Axie Infinity is not by any means the only supreme player in this race. There are plenty other examples of Play-to-Earn projects like Star Atlas or The Sandbox that have hit the big time. However, the number of projects keeps increasing and most face the same problems:

  1. Bottlenecks: Developers aren’t ready for sudden popularity and the influx of new players. They have no plan for this situation, usually cannot withstand the pressure and start making wrong moves that can have a detrimental effect on the community.
  2. The pyramid problem: Sooner or later, every project reaches its peak, creating a real dilemma for the developers. Newcomers cannot compete with experienced players on the same level and be eligible for equal rewards. This affects the project’s popularity and sense of fairness.
  3. Value: The hype fizzles out but the assets remain. Tokens and in-game items become cheaper over time, so the project requires an effective price retention mechanism. Not all projects can boast having such an initiative.

Despite billions in capitalization, even the front-runners aren’t immune to these issues and we’ve already seen it happen. Might there be a better way?

Mass adoption on the horizon

Like any industry in its infancy, crypto gaming needs an AAA project that can harmoniously combine NFT and the Play-to-Earn model. Enter a new player onto the stage!

SIDUS HEROES is a new Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG game that is about to compete with AAA-level video games and set new standards in the blockchain gaming market. The game inherits traditional NFT gaming attributes like having a DAO community and NFTization of in-game items. SIDUS HEROES is an MMORPG that immerses users in a universe that’s inhabited by 12 different races and 1 never-ending conflict.

SIDUS HEROES is also the first ever blockchain game to be fully built inside the WebGL space. By using WebGL in the game’s architecture, developers have made it accessible through a browser and a single click. To start playing, users just type in the game URL and press ‘PLAY’, no need to download an application onto their Android, iOS, PC or Mac. Yes, you heard that right, there’s no need to buy expensive hardware to enjoy the best-in-class gaming experience. Win 98 will do!

“WebGL may become the next standard in gaming. The days of needing monstrous hardware to launch AAA games may soon be a thing of the past. WebGL allows us to make SIDUS HEROES a highly detalized game that you want to immerse yourself in, without the burden of having to supply a powerful PC.” – Andrey Sudarikov, Creative Director of SIDUS HEROES.

NFTs as a cornerstone

SIDUS HEROES released its NFT collection in July 2021. The Genesis collection includes 6,000 unique NTF Heroes with three levels of rarity: Original, Rare and Legendary. Holders of these NFTs will be first to take part in the beta testing. Using their Heroes (NFTs), every player will generate their own game character and a 3D rendering of it will be sent to their wallet (in the form of an additional NFT). These new 3D NFTs will become participants of the exclusive SIDUS ACADEMY.

Heroes created with NFTs from the Genesis collection will enjoy special benefits – nice in-game stats, unique skin and other special bonuses. After minting a SIDUS ACADEMY NFT, the Genesis collection’s remaining use case list includes staking and launchpad privileges, to name a couple. Their initial value will be retained!

NFT plays a crucial role in the SIDUS HEROES game. Many in-game items are NFTs: armor, weapons, spaceships, equipment, etc. These items can be sold on the marketplace like any other NFT. This is how Play-to-Earn games differ from classic ones. Here, the wild grind brings commensurate rewards with real value.

 “SIDUS HEROES is powered by NFT technology, ensuring real value for all in-game assets. NFT provides an additional layer of transparency and operability to our project. I truly believe that NFT will gain mass adoption and we will see more and more projects integrating it into their games.” – Dan Khomenko, CEO of SIDUS HEROES.

The Battle Arena is the main ingredient in SIDUS HEROES’ fighting mechanics. Players fight solo or form fighting legions to compete with an enemy race or team. Being a great warrior may open a path to something bigger. Skilled players might become political representatives of their race. For players who lean more towards peaceful pursuits, SIDUS HEROES offers alternate routes to success and prosperity. They can become scientists, farmers, travelers, government ministers and even presidents. This leads us directly to the role of the DAO.

SIDUS DAO as the main decision-maker

It would be strange if SIDUS HEROES was completely controlled by its developers. This is an outdated and ineffective approach. The project DAO can easily handle governance issues and setting the development vector for the game’s metaverse is better off in their hands too. Who to appoint as the representative of a race, which asteroid to introduce next, what technology to develop – everything is left to the DAO to decide.

SIDUS HEROES may become one of those game-changing gems everyone’s always looking for. It skillfully combines excellent graphics, NFT, Play-to-Earn principles and has limitless growth potential. The beta test is scheduled for launch in December but already available is the demo version. Try it now to see its (not so) hidden potential!

The demo version of SIDUS HEROES can be accessed here:

Follow SIDUS via its official media channels and be first to hear the latest updates: Website | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Telegram&Medium


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