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Gary Vee, CEO of VaynerMedia and creator of VeeFriends, just bought a DeadFellaz NFT! The prominent NFT figure who is also the man behind VeeCon received a warm welcome from the Deadfellaz NFT community on Twitter.

The picture shows Gary Vee sitting on a chair and pointing to a sign above his head that says DeadFellaz
Gary Vee is the latest celebrity who became part of the “horde”. Credit: Holly Longoria on Twitter

Gary Vee Becomes DeadFellaz NFT Holder

DeadFellaz is a project that combines zombies, 90s animation, and streetwear in its NFT collection. It gained a blue-chip NFT status after its launch and is now a favorite among celebrities including Reese Witherspoon, Steve Aoki, Lil Baby, and Pussy Riot.

Most importantly, DeadFellaz has shown its dedication to providing valuable benefits to its holders. For instance, it has partnered with Gilson, allowing holders to create their custom snowboards and skis. Moreover, DeadFellaz holders also  gained access to Neuno’s fashion NFT project and received a free 2D pixel art versions of their NFTs.

The picture shows the DeadFellaz NFT Gary Vee just bought
Gary Vee’s DeadFellaz NFT.

No wonder Gary Veee acquired a DeadFellaz NFT and gave it his stamp of approval. In fact, the NFT project was also present at this year’s VeeCon.

What Other NFT Projects Did Gary Vee Approve?

Before Gary Vee became a DeadFellaz holder, he was already vocal about projects he thought should garner support from the NFT community.

In an Instagram video last year, he asked his millions of followers to check out the World of Women NFT Collection because of its “fire art” and huge potential. True enough, WoW became one of the biggest women-led NFT projects on Web3.

Additionally, he also tweeted about BAYC and SupDucks. He said these are the go-to NFT collections anyone should buy if they’re interested in joining the NFT community.

What do you think will be the next NFT project the VeeFriends founder will notice?

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