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First Neopets, and now this. It seems that every fun thing from our childhood is trying to push NFTs on us. Every time they try it, it goes down with the community like a cold cup of sick – and today’s example is no exception.

Habbo Hotel is doing NFTs now, and for some reason, decided to advertise this on Twitter. A promoted tweet started appearing on our timelines recently, and seems to have been given another push in March. However, no one seems thrilled by this prospect, and the tweet about the NFT integration is being ratio’d.

The tweet invites those feeling nostalgic about Habbo Hotel to check out the “fully integrated Habbo Avatar NFTs”. The post has a Discord invite, bringing fans to a server dedicated to Habbo NFTs. It currently has almost 13,000 members, but that kind of enthusiasm cannot be found on the original post itself.

“Why would you ruin my childhood like this?”, says one Twitter user in the replies. “Remember habbo? We’re besmirching your childhood by selling screenshots of characters and destroying the planet”, writes another.

Another simply shares a video of themselves print screening the Habbo NFTs – a practice that many crypto enthusiasts hate, and some equate to theft.

The announcement was initially made in January, and the replies back then weren’t any more positive. A bunch of replies from the past few days suggests that the organizers are still eager to push the Habbo NFT avatars, but it seems they were no more successful this time around. Of course, for NFTs to work, you need a steady stream of new “investors” coming in, willing to buy your fancy JPEGs. Without that, you’re left holding the bag.

While it seems that every games company wants to jump on the NFT bandwagon, there are some that aren’t interested. Valve’s Gabe Newell recently labelled the practice “super sketchy”, so at least we’re safe on Steam. Jackbox Games also told TheGamer last month that it has “no interest” in NFT integration.

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