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Hong Kong Classic movie-themed NFT collection to launch in June

Mei Ah Entertainment Group and Beam+ Lab have joined hands to launch Cryptyques, the classic movie-themed NFT collection

By Shashank Bhardwaj

Image courtesy Cryptyques

The NFT collection titled “Cryptyques” based on the classic Hong Kong movies, will be released in June. Local start-up Beam+ Lab and Hong Kong-based Mei Ah Entertainment Group have come together to launch this exclusive NFT collection series based on classic Hong Kong films.  

It has been curated by the well-known Hong Kong-based photographer and director Wing Shya, who has collaborated with a Hollywood production crew known for its productions such as X-Men and Transformers. 

Mei Ah Entertainment Group Limited is an entertainment and distribution company with the largest number of copyrights and intellectual property rights to over 600 classic Hong Kong films, including The Grandmaster, See You Tomorrow, and The Silent War.

This Hong Kong movie-themed NFT collection seeks to bring classic Chinese films into the Metaverse, bridging generations through the power of Web3. Cryptyques’ goal with NFT products is to foster a community for movie enthusiasts, industry leaders, collectors, and artists through a hybrid of online and offline engagement.

Cryptyques is more than just an NFT collection. It is also a crypto-quest that has been carefully curated to elicit emotions and trigger memories among the viewers through classic Hong Kong film concepts. Viewers will be led on a Web3-driven journey through the past, present, and future in three phases.

The “past” phase will concentrate on the “7 Emotions,” which are desire, fury, fear, joy, bitterness, loathing, and love. A collection of NFTs will be launched representing each emotion. Each emotion will reinterpret one of Mei Ah Entertainment Group’s classic films from the 1980s. Beginning with “Desire,” each drop will contain emotion in the form of a lost memory fragment.

“Desire” is a collection of 1,320 NFTs of 3D-animated video clips created by Shya in collaboration with a Hollywood production team. It will be available through “mystery boxes” beginning in June, followed by auction.

Beam+ Lab is a Web3 art-transformation hub that breathes new life into traditional IPs with technology that redefines entertainment. Since its inception, Beam+ Lab has attracted significant attention from international investors, raising more than $2.2 million in seed round funding. Its investors include market leaders like Edvance International and Mei Ah Capital Holdings, as well as crypto ventures such as Avatar with the Avalanche Asia Star Fund, SNZ, Amino Capital, and M77 Ventures.

In the words of James Li, the CEO of BEAM+ LAB, “BEAM+ LAB focuses on art technology that promotes the entry of IP into the Web3 era and missions to build a community through art and blockchain. Our inaugural project, Cryptyques, is created to defy the norms of the entertainment industry by setting the tone of entertainment in the Web3 era. Through the partnership with Mei Ah Entertainment Group, we hope to shine a light on the golden era of Hong Kong classic films once again on the international stage.”

Via the NFT project, its members will have access to a wide range of community-exclusive activities such as movie screenings, film-set visits, talks and panel discussions, and first-look tickets to film premieres and festivals.

Wing Shya, creative director of Cryptyques, commented, “Cryptyques takes a deep dive into another technological milestone that enhances the craft of cinematography — reimagining a form of artistry anew — that we feel proud of.”

Shashank is the founder of yMedia. He ventured into crypto in 2013 and is an ETH maximalist. Twitter: @bhardwajshash 

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