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Do you ever wonder how many blue-chip are lost? Apparently, 2-3% according to an NFT statistics shared by (@punk9059) yesterday on Twitter. Some BAYC and MAYC holders may have lost access to their NFTs because there were several unclaimed Bored Ape lands and Mutant lands.

the picture shows that out of 9999 Bored Ape lands, Bored Ape lands, 265 are not yet claimed
There are still 265 unclaimed Bored Ape lands out of its 9999 total. Credit: Otherside Meta on OpenSea

An Example of Lost Blue-Chip NFTs

Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club by Yuga Labs are one of the most recognized blue-chip NFT projects in the space. However, some BAYC and MAYC holders have failed to reap some of the crucial rewards that come with their NFTs.

According to the NFT stat, out of 9999 Bored Ape lands, 265 are not yet claimed and out of 19413 Mutant lands, 394 are also not claimed. This suggests that 2-3% of both sets are either missing or just owned by people who never pay attention. There’s also a high probability that there is an overlap between the owners of the unclaimed lands.

In the same thread, a BAYC user replied that one wallet that held around 27 Bored Apes since mint. However, it still has all mutant vials (20 unused M1 serums and 7 unused M2 serums), 272,538 unclaimed $APE, and 27 unclaimed Otherdeed.

What happened to the owner? Well, some speculated that the person lost his seed phrase or probably passed away. Whatever it is, it remains to be a mystery.

What Can I do To Prevent Loss of My NFTs?

NFT holders should view NFTs as important assets and take precautions to protect them and avoid their loss.

One primary reason for lost NFTs is if the holder forgot their seed phrase, which makes them locked out of their wallet forever. So don’t ever forget your seed phase. However, don’t share them in public either, as that will be another way to lose your NFTs to hackers.

For safety, you can use a hardware wallet and always remain vigilant about the latest NFT hacks and scams. You also can check out our guide on how to keep your NFTs and crypto safe.

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