I Heart NFT at Marquee in New York City – The Knockturnal


It was a night that launched a million and one new ways to do nightlife.

The future of markets and the way business is done has now even stretched to the hallowed halls of New York City clubs.

YellowHeart, the NFT marketplace for music, ticketing and community tokens, which accepts both crypto and credit card payments, took an official soar in the air with the massive NFT ticketing partnership with Tao Group Hospitality, the biggest global hospitality company in the world.

On June 22, Kaskade took the spotlight to a delighted crowd of trendsetters and technocrats. It was the kind of magic that is sparking again in NYC and was refreshing to see the old-school Big Apple world of the megaclub blend with the new age world of NFT activations. The beat will play on until June 26 as the partnership makes Tao Group Hospitality the largest hospitality brand to utilize NFT ticketing on the planet.

NFT tickets for the events will continue to be sold exclusively on YellowHeart’s marketplace. Additionally, exclusive NFTs were made available only to attendees for the annual invite-only Swedish Midsummer Party hosted by Tao Group Hospitality.

“Tao Group Hospitality is excited about the future of Web3 and how it stands to reshape the hospitality industry. NFT ticketing is a natural progression into the space as ticketing represents a large part of our nightlife and daylife business,” said Justin Levy, Vice President of Marketing at Tao Group Hospitality. “YellowHeart has established themselves as one of the leaders in NFT ticketing space and we’re eager to embark on this new frontier with them. This limited run during NFT week is only the first step for us and we have some exciting things planned as we embrace NFT and cryptocurrency as a company.” 

Founded in 2017, YellowHeart is an NFT marketplace for ticketing, music and community tokens, which accepts both crypto and credit card payments. Powered by distributed ledger technology, YellowHeart’s mission is to revolutionize the experience of buying and selling tickets and music. YellowHeart’s platform was designed to help the larger industry graduate to the next phase of ticketing, putting control back in the hands of artists and fans. YellowHeart is one of the earliest adopters of blockchain ticketing and music, having released the first-ever NFT tickets and NFT album in partnership with Kings of Leon. Maroon 5, Julian Lennon, Jerry Garcia and ZHU are just a few of the globally recognized artists YellowHeart works with today. 

Cover courtesy Tao Group Hospitality

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