Keyon Christ Launches First-Ever Experimental Music NFT With Quantum Machine Learning – HYPEBEAST


Following his release of the first AI-infused rap song NFT with NVIDIA earlier this year, G.O.O.D Music producer Keyon Christ has teamed up with Dadabots AI Music Research Group’s CJ Carr and NASA QuAIL researcher James Sud to produce the first-ever sounds with quantum machine learning, on-chain.

Titled Quantum Genesis, the project unravels a newfound, futuristic lens on music sampling and sound design that leans into the artist’s prior experience as the mysterious entity behind some of Kanye West and Rihanna‘s sounds.

“This epoch-defining cloudburst of quantum computerized music marks a rare opportunity to seize the first sounds generated by a Quantum Granular Synthesizer, the first ever to live immutably on the blockchain,” a press release reads.

With the synthesizer, which is created to “interpret human soul,” the NFT includes four unique sounds that speak to the cultural imprint of Atlanta’s music scene with a 2-qubit resolution sampling. Additionally, the four sounds arrive in tandem with one-of-a-kind visuals made by Telephasic, who enlisted text-responsive AI technology to mimic extraterrestrial storms.

Christ’s previous experimental music NFT, which arrived in the form of a track titled “Black Skin Machine,” was created in a similar fashion with artificial intelligence-based sounds.

Keyon Christ’s Quantum Genesis is now live on SushiSwap’s Shoyu NFT platform for the next 24 hours.

Elsewhere, TIDAL has unveiled a free membership tier along with new revenue methods for artists.

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