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Exploring the dualities within the Kim Shui identity, the Fall/Winter 2022 collection brings new looks that range from serious tweed to sultry, dragon-crocheted lace. Taking place at Spring Studios, models walked in her statement dresses and bright eye makeup to a club-inspired, high energy soundtrack. Elements of Kim’s Chinese heritage are at the forefront of this collection and provide cultural significance for her debut NFT collection of “Serenity Keys.”

Offered as an auction on OpenSea, the “Serenity Keys” are three unique jade keys that are adorned with gold details that hint to the collection. Each key spins and glimmers with rendered light reflections on a tasteful shade of green, which also appears on her garments. Owners of the NFTs receive the jade key NFT and additional perks like a surprise airdrop, their choice of dress and two tickets to her exclusive show. With the timing of Kim’s NFT announcement and airdrop running parallel to her runway show, the designer is a trailblazer in how creations in the Metaverse can be tied to real life events.

After the show, the “Serenity Keys” revealed an airdrop of three dresses with luxe backgrounds that capture different moods of the latest collection. As part of the coverage for her FW22 show, HYPEBEAST has spoken to Kim about transforming her designs for the digital realm and the thought process behind her “Serenity Keys.”

HYPEBEAST: How does the concept of serenity connect to your FW22 show?

Kim Shui: Serenity was more so related to the Jade gemstone. Jade brings serenity, prosperity and wards off bad luck. It is a gemstone that’s very personal to me and in Chinese culture symbolic of something mystical and eternal. It’s a stone that I’ve used in several collections consistently and the floral element is reminiscent of last season leading into this season. Not explicitly, but FW22 explores a softness and sensuality from a fresh lens. We also chose keys because I like the idea of unlocking the sacred in the items we choose to embody and possess.

Do you have any special IRL jade pieces that inspired or connect with your NFTs?

I’m almost always wearing this jade Buddha necklace I have, and I have this jade bangle that’s translucent that I love.

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new york fashion week fall winter 2022 dresses kylie jenner runway spring studios asian jade digital asset dress lace dragon floral serenity

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new york fashion week fall winter 2022 dresses kylie jenner runway spring studios asian jade digital asset dress lace dragon floral serenity

Tell me about the process of creating your NFTs.

Making the NFTs was so much fun. It’s another avenue to design and there’s a lot of possibilities. I worked on the digital renderings with my friends Dev and Guy who is part of his studio. We did several drafts of the key and went back and forth refining details, shapes and textures. Same for the dress renderings.

NFTs often consider the utility– or added value– that they bring to their owners. What, if any, is the utility of a “Serenity Key”?

The bidder of the NFT not only gets the Jade Key NFT, they get a physical dress, a surprise airdrop NFT and two tickets to the show. I wanted to make sure that there was a tangible element to this project to also encourage more women to participate. If I wanted to get a dress, why not get the dress and 2 NFTs? And then, on top of it, access to the show. The key holders at the end of the auction get to pick which dress they want in their size.

Thanks Kim.

For the latest news and additional images from the Fall/Winter 2022 Ready-To-Wear show from Kim Shui, head to the brand’s Instagram. While the auction has concluded for this NFT collection, more information about the Kim Shui “Serenity Keys” can be found at

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