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Metta World Peace discusses his upcoming NFT sneaker release.

Metta World Peace discusses his upcoming NFT sneaker release.

As a NBA player. Metta World Peace had one of the more interesting sneaker histories. He wore Nike’s, Peak’s, and everything in between in his 17-year playing career. Now, Metta is working on being at the forefront of the next frontier of the basketball shoe industry.

The Queensbridge native is partnering with Blanksoles to create a NFT sneaker. Metta discussed why he thinks his release is just the first of many in an episode of the Lakers 24/8 Podcast.

“This [NFT release] is going to set the tone. They’re providing a lot of creativity. Most of the time, when you do a deal with a sneaker company, they take away the creativity. This is going to provide an opportunity for people to create and you’re going to see more and more coming.”

Metta commented that partnering with Blanksoles “made perfect sense” for him and that he’s very excited about sneaker collaboration.

“I was always interested in the fact that sneaker companies can tell great stories. Basketball players, they draw-in people who love shoes. This is probably one of my favorite releases because it’s given me a lot of ways to create and tell stories. I think we have a lot of upside here. Blanksoles is definitely a company I wish that was around when I was going on my own shoe journey.”

The Metta-Blanksoles collaboration NFT sneakers will be released later this month. Each NFT an owner purchases will also come with a physical pair of shoes. Lakers fans are sure to love Metta’s color choices for his latest sneaker.

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