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The third and largest NFT collection from the Lazy Lions team is on the horizon. The Lazy Cubs NFT collection is set to release tomorrow, 18 May 2022, and the Lions are super excited. Hint: you’re still not too late.

Lazy Cubs
Dear Lions, mark your calendars! Credit: @AshurNFT

How to get your Lazy Cubs

The Lazy Lions collection started with a 10k PFP collection last year. They then added a little more than 10k Lazy Lions Bungalows to the ecosystem. Now, the Lazy Cubs collection will have more than 20k NFTs entering the Lazy Lions Private Island. This is a great opportunity to expand their strong community.

The first recipients of the Lazy Cubs are the Lazy Lions holders, which will get a free cub through an airdrop. The snapshot is set to be early May 18th, so you still have time to get a lion from the secondary market. After the airdrop, there will be a Dutch Auction where 10k cubs will be available at 0.5 ETH. The auction will start at 10am PT and stay open for 8 hours. The bottom price is set at 0.25 ETH to be fair to people in the allowlist.

At 10pm PT, 2k Lazy Cubs will be available for the 2k participants on the allowlist. The mint price is set at 0.2 ETH. They will have 12 hours to mint their cubs before it opens to the public. However, the team just announced a last minute allowlist raffle for another 1k people. This brings the total allowlist spots to 3k. And finally, on 19 May, 10am PT, the public can buy any leftovers at 0.25 ETH.

In case you missed it, check out this comprehensive introduction to the Lazy Lions NFT project. The Lazy Cubs will be a perfect addition to their Private Island.

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