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Are you searching for Neo Tokyo Identities NFT? A pensive look through the kaleidoscope of human evolution brings people to digital identities. Such is the innovation of the Neo Tokyo Identities NFT. Whilst Neo (Keanu Reeves) finds out that he’s been living in a simulation all his life, life does seem a few enchanted lines of code after all.

The Neo Tokyo NFT represents itself with a cornucopia of code. A jarring, jaded set of ciphertext, that seems like gibberish at first glance.  Know everything about the NEO Tokyo NFT project with details regarding its price, predictions and its overall prospects. 

The Enticing Nature Of Neo Tokyo NFT Explained. 

The mystery of the Neo Tokyo Identities NFT is what made it intriguing in the first place. The project brings the idea of a digital city, a digital community of human identities on the Blockchain. The mysterious approach was also backed by a whitelist of people involved. The people in the whitelist were initially the only ones that are allowed to Mint the Neo Tokyo NFT. Although, currently, the Neo Tokyo Identities NFT floor price stands at a staggering 21.1 Eth. Let’s see why!

When Neo Tokyo Identities NFT Start, And Where Is It Now? 

Crypto YouTubers Alex Becker and Elliotrades, devised the idea of the Neo Tokyo NFT. The NFT was launched on 3rd October 2021. With people struggling to push through this Squid Game-like ambience to get the NFT. For people to get into the whitelist, they had to solve riddles and puzzles and then would get access to Mint it. Much like hotels, the Neo Tokyo Identities NFT Mint price was zero. Yes, they were free to Mint, only for Presale though, with only one Identity NFT each going to Alex Becker and Elliotrades (The Youtubers).

As the Neo Tokyo Identities NFT Twitter has been fairly active with dropping hints, and riddles, they categorized their NFT as the “fairest NFT drop in history”. The total number of NFTs in the collection was 2018 (identities) and 2500 vault cards were dropped after.

The Neo Tokyo Identities NFT Games, Secrets, And Money

Neo Tokyo Identities NFTs
Source: Twitter

Neo Tokyo Identities NFT Opensea reports a total of 88 holders of the NFT, and a total of 2000+ items to be traded. As of 19th December 2021, the Floor Mint price is 21.1 Eth. Alex Becker, its creator, opened up about the Neo Tokyo NFT on his Twitter. Whilst his tweets were immensely cryptic, he mentioned a couple of things, them being:

  • That there were games inside the codes, to weed out the holders that weren’t completely committed. 
  • Those Neo Tokyo Identities holders who understand the code will have extended benefits and rewards over the long term.
  • Whilst referring to the holders of the NFT as citizens, he pronounced that a varied amount of aspects behind the code are masked and will reveal themselves as rewards later. 

How To Buy The Neo Tokyo NFT?

Yet another secret in the web of mysteries was the process of Minting the NFT. So, how to buy the Neo Token NFT? As mentioned above, the process was exclusive to people with a penchant for riddles. On 3rd October, as their community calls it, ‘The Upload Day’, the whitelist was subdivided into groups, and they were given 10 minutes to Mint the identities. These lists were characterized by lines of codes, just when the users were about to finish, they were directed to the Neo Tokyo NFT website for another test. Finally, they were given wallet addresses to verify on Etherscan.

After 13 long days, on 16th October, a tweet sent all the Neo Tokyo holders into a full house frenzy. The tweet had a contract link to Mint Vaults, and the process was the same, except 2 hours were given this time. If holders could not make it, whitelisters could steal the vault. Thus proliferating the competition.

Let’s Talk Neo Tokyo NFT: Price, Pool, Prediction

Since the whole ordeal is clandestine, the money speaks about the same. As of mid-December, about 2 months from its launch, the Mint Prices soared high amidst clouds of 23-24 Eth. And as for the Neo Tokyo NFT Price Prediction, every day of December, without any Christmas miracles, the price seems to go up, and the number of sales seems to go down. This is because of the complexity and the ageing of the NFT. Thus the price is expected to go up. As of 19th December 2021, the sales are contracting as low as 1 NFT traded per day. 

To conclude, Alex Beckers Neo Tokyo NFT appeals to the Tech-savvy audience, looking for Moon within the NFT space. On the official website for the NFT, the Neo Tokyo Identities are out there for the world to revel in. They’re a blend of colours phased through caricatures of the knight-like figures. This is represented as lines of code on the Neo Tokyo Open Sea marketplace. Whilst holders hope for bigger reveals, many are left bewildered by the craft of the makers behind the project.

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