Exclusive attributes will allow collectors to gain photographs and journals from voyage

, /PRNewswire/ — On April 18th, 2022, a group of Swiss and American explorers will untie from Old Harbor in Tromsø to embark on a carbon-neutral two-week exploratory journey across the Barents Sea. Guided by legendary skipper Rasmus Jacobsen, the crew will sail the S/V Linden, Scandinavia’s largest sailing vessel, to the Svalbard Archipelago, one of earth’s most fragile and at-risk ecosystems. The wind-powered three-masted schooner will allow the group to move quietly, employing a “leave-no-trace” philosophy, entering a region controlled by no nation, where polar bears, bearded seals, and beluga whales rule.

Simultaneous with the group’s departure will be the release of the world’s first exclusive NFT auction of Expedition Tokens, designed by Rara Data, an Australia-based company that recently produced (and sold out) NFTs for several international brands. As the Linden moves northward, Rara will make available 5000 Expedition Tokens to the public, each with specific attributes and badges allowing collectors to gain access to physical artworks created along the journey – including film negatives and prints from Red Bull photographer Jordan Rosen, and longhand journal pages from New York Times and Patagonia climate change writer Brendan Jones. In accordance with the philosophy that the future of adventure travel looks a lot like the past, Rosen will be photographing on analog Kodak film, while Jones will use weatherproof journals to make a record of the voyage.

Though the exact route of the trip will depend on currents, weather and winds, the Linden will plan to anchor at “Bjørnøya,” a pristine and solitary island at 74 degrees North, before continuing on to the coastline of Southern Spitsbergen. The explorers, including a world-class ski guide and an active duty JSCO Special Forces soldier, will deploy inflatables to approach glaciated fjords, wind-scoured mountains, and thawing permafrost. Along the way the group will also investigate abandoned whaling stations, seal rookeries, and the ruins of Soviet-era coal mines to create a record of how this thawing land – once a tropical home to dinosaurs – reacts in real-time to climate change.

The carbon footprint of the expedition will be offset by Aerial, an official partner for the expedition. Clothing is provided by high-end Colorado-based purveyor VOORMI, while Buck Knives will ensure crew members will each have a sharp blade handy.

The Svalbard expedition marks the first journey in a series of Expedition Token projects, as creators embark on human-powered journeys to bear witness to – and make a record of – at risk-ecosystems across the planet. The tokens associated with the journeys will continue to create utility and value for collectors as future projects unfold.

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Expedition Token is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that partners with elite expedition teams built out of frontline scientists, artists, and seasoned adventurers. 

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