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Andrew Steinwold, founder of NFT investment firm Sfermion

Andrew Steinwold, founder of NFT investment firm Sfermion

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1. Gallop

Gallop is an NFT infrastructure play that offers software developers and data scientists an API to access NFT data.

” Most people are just utilizing OpenSea’s API,” Steinwold said. “And it’s good, but it’s not going to give you granularity and not going to give you a lot of great insights.”

“They’re building just a key piece of infrastructure,” he added. “That’s not super sexy, for a lot of people. It’s not like some new virtual world or whatever. But it’s just something that’s desperately needed and they are just a team that’s just been executing really, really well. “

2. GrowYourBase

GrowYourBase can almost be seen as a metaverse property developer, Steinwold said.

The firm teams up with companies, brands and individuals to create virtual experiences.

¬†“I don’t know if I can name names, but [they are] teaming up with some of the largest companies in the world and creating,” Steinwold. “It’s almost like in the early days of the web, companies always wanted a webpage. It was really cool to have your presence in the web but there’s not much you could do today. Similar things are happening right now where a lot of people want their presence in¬† the metaverse.”

4. JennyDAO

JennyDAO is an investment that falls into Steinwold’s “power user” category.

The DAO is a power user on the NFT fractilization protocol called Uniqly. It acquires rare and expensive NFT assets based on the decision of the group members. These NFTs are then fractionalized providing liquidity to the protocol. The group also decide when NFTs should be released.

“For us, it makes total sense to invest in the infrastructure, and then also invest in like the number one participant within that realm.”

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