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NFTs are revolutionizing various sectors such as music, finance, and art being one of the most significantly impacted sectors. They provide the world with the ability to digitize virtually every form of art and transfer ownership in highly secure and transparent transactions. You can instigate a transaction with anyone at any geographical location and at any time of the day while keeping a record of the transaction courtesy of blockchain technology.

The increasing potential of these digital assets has captured many investors’ attention, with everyone rushing to create their own NFTS. However, most of the commonly developed NFTs are more of a copy-paste, most of them being created with short term goals.

But bringing change and impacting the space differently is Dragos, an NFTs project by coldpizza, Earth Top and Papi. The team is focused on innovating the NFT space instead of copying everything. This is one of the few NFT projects that is built on-chain and decentralized. This means all the media is stored on chain so no centralized servers store the media. When you get Dragos, you are getting the most secure kind of NFT. Being 100% on-chain means that no web server outage or centralized entity can take you offline.

According to the founders, Dragos will live as long as the blockchain. It has been determined that 99% of NFT projects are centralized, which is not what NFTs were created for. This process is much more expensive and time-consuming than the centralized option, but it’s what needs to be done correctly to make it a long-term project. The Dragos project is also meant to inspire people to innovate and do things the proper way instead of taking shortcuts by copying.

There are different factions of Dragos, and you will be able to access faction-specific discord chats to communicate among your fellow tribe. As the owner, you can also name each dragon instead of showing up as a number, such as Drago#5042 for example. Each dragon also has a birthday and is given a special birthday gift as a celebration. These are just a few of the many things planned for the Dragos ecosystem.

An industry leader, Dragos core team has built multiple 8 figure businesses with large teams and understand the principles of business. With NFTs projects also being a business, they want to formulate an experience to achieve goals while keeping their customers happy.

The Dragos development team has also worked on projects such as Neo Tokyo and is also behind, an NFT marketplace and launchpad. The team is developing one of the first projects on this launchpad and as part of the byt ecosystem. Developers all over are starting to copy what these guys have pioneered.

The goal is to continue to constantly innovate and bring good products/collections to their community. They want to grow their team and instill proper SOPs and systems so that the project can run like a true business built with longevity in mind.

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