Ouman’s “star agent” valerian NFT will be released before July 10 – EqualOcean


Yesterday 11:35 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean

[Ouman’s star spy valerian NFT will be released before July 10] it was reported on June 17 that all NFT feature components and metadata of Ouman’s star spy valerian NFT have been updated to IPFs, which will be released before July 10, and Web3.0 will be launched at the same time. In addition, the first Web 3.0 social network aggregator based on creator economy will be announced in the near future. Valerian NFT is a series of NFTs based on the IP of the European cartoon star agent. It is reported that the total number of valerian NFTs is 9999, which will be released synchronously on the official websites of binance NFT and valerian.

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