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The organisation devised a model for providing information on the NFTs currently being traded in markets

Founded in the year 2016, GuardianLink is a blockchain based, research and development (R&D) organisation. It aims to be a platform in the South-East Asian non-fungible tokens (NFT) commerce sector by catering to gaming, entertainment and fintech industries. Recently, it launched its Web3.0 based start-up incubator. In conversation with FE Digital Currency’s Ritarshi Banerjee, Ramkumar Subramaniam, co-founder and CEO, GuardianLink, talks about the business model of the organisation. (Edited Excerpts)

What is the monetisation model you follow? What is its revenue projection for FY23?

Our major form of monetisation is NFT drops. Apart from that, the company receives funding from the volume of NFTs traded in marketplaces and our launched play-to-earn games. We have built a Zero Gas Fees Layer two, which is a platform for increasing the speed of processing transactions, and have started earning from the platform’s usage. It is being anticipated that the company’s revenue growth will increase by five to six times in FY23.

What are the further categories of NFTs that GuardianLink plans to tap into in the upcoming years?

We aim to launch NFTs around a list of national and international brands within the next year. These brand based NFTs will be collectibles, utility-driven, and game-oriented. Apart from this, we also plan to launch NFTs pertaining to games. 

What sort of business critical solutions does GuardianLink provide to the NFT industry?

The company has a “Guardian” model, based on spider technology, which helps us collect data around the blockchain network for the kind of NFTs that are being actively traded in markets. Based on the information provided, our model provides anecdotes on the various aspects of NFT launches such as rarity, strength, theme, pricing, among others. Moreover, we educate brands via curating NFT drops.

What is your company’s target audience?

Our focus is mainly towards NFT and cryptocurrency based enthusiasts. Apart from that, we also look for people who see NFTs as a tradable asset and a source of passive income. Currently, we do not have any plans of introducing cryptocurrency to our system. 

What is GuardianLink’s marketing strategy, and how much does it invest in that segment?

Our primary goal is to make people aware regarding the various aspects of investing in NFTs. The reason why we launched NFTs, named after Amitabh Bachchan, is for creating awareness around the Indian NFT market. We believe in informing people regarding the benefits of NFTs, and whether it should be kept as an investment or as a collectible. If it’s about NFT investments, we educate our customers around the kind of NFTs they should invest in, how they should be investing and the kind of returns they can expect to get. The company’s marketing strategy has two parts – awareness about NFTs and then letting people know about the services. As for the amount we invest in marketing, 15-20% of the total revenue generated is spent across social media and other platforms.

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