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    Refik Anadol, Living Architecture: Casa Batlló. Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd. 2022.

    Refik Anadol, Living Architecture: Casa Batlló. Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd. 2022.

    A landmark of the Art Nouveau style is on center stage after Refik Anadol’s NFT of the Casa Batlló sold for $1.38 million at Christe’s 21st Century Evening Sale last night. 

    Titled Living Architecture: Casa Batlló, the piece was commissioned by the group responsible for managing Gaudí’s converted House of Bones last year and is currently on display in a larger format outside the Christie’s Rockefeller Plaza headquarters until May 13. It was also the lone digital-only lot to sell in the auction house’s marquee New York spring sales events this week.

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    A spokesperson with the Casa Batlló named Gary Gautier called Anadol a “perfect fellow traveler” and told reporters that his work “resides between art and technology, expands the possibilities of architecture and brings a new outlook beyond space and time.” Gautier also commented that the Turkish-American artist “connects past, present and future, reminding us of the innovative, humanist and visionary Gaudí.”

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    Anadol’s work was likewise projected onto the Casa beginning on May 7th. 

    Programmed to read out climate data from Barcelona in real-time, the artwork depicts the Casa’s facade and now has the distinction as the first-ever UNESCO World Heritage Site to be sold as a digital token at an auction house sale. Anadol said 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Spanish charities that work with neurodiverse adults and children. It is unclear whether the lot was purchased using one of the many cryptocurrencies now accepted by Christie’s at this time.


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