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Rarible Protocol has announced that it is teaming up with Robotos NFT to create a custom NFT marketplace for the 10K collection. This is a major upgrade for the popular NFT collection and its community. But what is Rarible Protocol, and is a custom Rarible marketplace better for Robotos than OpenSea and other third-party marketplaces?

Rarible Robotos marketplace poster
Robotos is the latest NFT collection to get a custom marketplace from Rarible Protocol.

Why is Robotos launching a custom marketplace with Rarible Protocol?

Robotos is a popular 10K NFT collection created by the renowned artist Pablo Stanley. The collection has a current floor price of 0.27 ETH and has seen 15.4K ETH (about $27.7M at current prices) in secondary volume so far.

Now, thanks to Rarible Protocol, Robotos will be getting its very own NFT marketplace. Through this partnership, the family-friendly NFT collection will be getting a dedicated home within the wider NFT world.

Notably, this partnership plays into Rarible’s mission. Namely, to improve the experience for Web3 communities. It hopes to do this by giving them the tools to create tailored platforms. To be sure, NFT projects like Robotos can get a lot out of a custom marketplace that they’d miss out on sticking with larger marketplaces.

Robotos NFT collection
Pablo Stanley’s Robotos NFT collection is one of the most beloved in the space. Credits: Robotos

Could a custom NFT marketplace be better than OpenSea?

A couple of weeks ago, Rarible published a blog post titled “Why Community Marketplaces are the future of NFT trading“. To sum up, Rarible makes the argument that Community Marketplaces give NFT projects major advantages over third-party marketplaces.

To list, this includes custom branding, lower fees, and the assurance that the NFT you’re buying is from the official collection. NFT projects using Rarible Protocol can even vote on the fees of their marketplace, deciding what portion of trading fees go back into the community/DAO treasury.

Rarible Co-founder Alex Salnikov spoke about the platform’s approach to community marketplaces in an exclusive comment to NFTevening.

“We believe that custom community marketplaces are critical to a sustainable, thriving NFT ecosystem. While most digital assets are only listed on aggregate marketplaces today, our team understands that new consumer needs are arising, and that a safe space to connect with like-minded individuals and strengthen Web3 communities at large is necessary to propel the space forward and further fulfill its ethos of decentralization.”

As a result, Rarible Protocol has already provided a marketplace solution for some notable NFT collections. Indeed, CryptoPunks V1 and Solana’s Degenerate Ape Academy both have their own marketplaces powered by Rarible Protocol.

Rarible Protocol co-founder Alex Salnikov
Rarible Co-founder Alex Salnikov sees community marketplaces as an important factor in the future of NFTs. Credit: Alex Salnikov

What is Rarible Protocol?

Rarible Protocol is an open Source, cross-chain, community-governed NFT protocol. In other words, it gives NFT creators a streamlined way to bring their projects to market. Besides making marketplaces for projects like Robotos, Rarible has linked with some of the biggest players in Web3. For example, it has teamed up with Polygon, Immutable X, and Flow, to name a few.

Salnikov said of adding Robotos to Rarible’s list of partners:

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Robotos team as they launch their very own home within the Web3 world, and we’re excited to support them as they continue to build and strengthen their community.”

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