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At the Salesforce World Tour London conference, the firm’s Web3 Studio Co-Founder, Marc Mathieu, introduced on Monday an NFT Cloud Pilot, a service which supports sustainable NFT minting and distribution for brands and marketers.

The platform enables Salesforce clients to mint, manage, and trade blockchain assets within its Customer 360 service.

Marc said at the event,

“I’m really excited to introduce Salesforce NFT Cloud Pilot. This is a trusted, sustainable, connected NFT commerce solution for the world of today. It’s a solution that enables us to bridge the digital and the physical like never before to deepen loyalty and to engage communities”

It also enables Salesforce clients to mint, manage, and trade blockchain assets within its Customer 360 service, and securely connects customer data to help brands engage with Web 3.0 data.

NFT Cloud assists with fraud protection, sustainable blockchains, and real-time carbon offset options to reduce emissions.

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Mathieu explained how a brand marketer could use NFT Cloud Pilot to collect and integrate metrics from the Salesforce customer data platform (CDP) to track customer experiences for NFT advertising campaigns.

Marc added,

“We’ve augmented CDP with Web 3.0 data. – Now, you have Web 3.0 data like anonymous aggregated data from crypto-wallets, that reside on the blockchain, that are integrated into [a] customer profile. Through their [a customer’s] NFT ownership you can understand their preference, their passion, and you can target them as micro-communities, not just based on their brand preference”

Using NFT Cloud

To mint an NFT, a company admin must visit the NFT Cloud online hub, and through a no-code service, marketers will choose the number of desired NFTs and rarity levels for collections.

When a marketer has chosen their NFT preferences, the platform automatically produces a report outlining the sustainability of their collection.

NFT Cloud Pilot additionally integrates workplace communications platform Slack to enable brand marketers to manage competitions and promotions that award loyal customers with an NFT drop.

The Slack integration allows marketers to monitor real-time customer engagement figures from individual distribution channels such as Instagram or Facebook.

Salesforce also integrates traditional payments on NFT Cloud, meaning users do not have to own a crypto-wallet to participate in NFT events.

In a similar move, the popular NFT marketplace Opensea recently introduced credit card payments in April, allowing individuals to participate in NFT trading without previous cryptocurrency knowledge.

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