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Lil Hippo’s NFT collection by Rundown Media was recently accused of stealing from a separate project. CEO Kiarash Behain reportedly swiped artwork from Hip Hop Hippos, which released a limited supply of 26 NFTs in October of last year. Undeniable similarities & evidence backing the claim by the founders of Hip Hop Hippos have users voicing concerns about Lil Hippo’s legitimacy. However, as accusations of the Lil Hippo NFT scandal pile, the collection is still set to mint on March 8th.

Side by side comparison of Lil Hippo's & Hip Hop Hippos
Side by side comparison of Lil Hippos (right) to Hip-hop Hippos (left) artwork


Hippos & NFT Scandals

On October 18th, 2021, Hip Hop Hippos released a tweet showcasing their artwork. Additionally, the team released a limited collection as a test run to the public market. With overwhelming positivity from buyers, the team decided to increase the supply to 4,000 with plans on launching in 2022. However, the new year came with hard blows as Kiarash Behain filed a trademark agreement for the HiP-Hop-Hippo name on January 19th. In the same month, Lil Hippo started their official Twitter account. Three months after Hip Hop Hippos released their limited collection in October.

In February, Lil Hippo continued with the mint of their project, controlling the legal rights to both titles. Nevertheless, hip Hop Hippo’s right to claim is valid. Additionally, proof of first use will effectively push the verdict in their favor.

Behind Lil Hippos

The Offical owner of Lil Hippos is a social media agency named “The Rundown.” based in California. The agency’s CEO, Mr.Behain, started rundown media back in 2006. According to Forbes, Behain might be “Social media’s best-kept secret.” As a businessman, Behain seems to be a model for success. However, the reputation of a thief travels fast as information regarding the scandal comes forward. One thing is for sure; the Lil Hippos NFT scandal will be one to remember. Scandals in the NFT space are nothing new, and with an increase in collections in 2022, we are sure to see more.

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