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“Shiba Shelter,” a collection of shiba inu NFTs, is scheduled to be released for minting on Nov. 25. There are a total of 9,999 NFTs in the collection. 

30% of the royalties of the “Shiba Shelter” NFT collection will be donated to charities that focus on the care and welfare of dogs. Charities that are currently on the donation list include PAWS Chicago and Hope for Paws. 

“Shiba Shelter” is the latest example of an NFT collection that is based on a dog breed. It is also the newest example of NFTs that are inspired by the shiba inu. Other examples of dog NFT collections include “Cyber Shibas,” “SIPHER,” and “10001 Dalmatians.”

‘Shiba Shelter’ NFT Collection

“Shiba Shelter,” a collection of 9,999 shiba inu NFTs, is set to drop on Nov. 25 for public minting. The public mint is scheduled to take place at 5 p.m. EST and each NFT can be minted for 0.055 Ethereum (ETH). 

There are over 150 different traits that were used to create the shiba inu NFTs in the collection. 

The shiba inu-inspired NFT collection is just one of the other NFT collections set to be released on Nov. 25. According to a list compiled by Rarity Tools, other NFT collections that will be dropped on the said date include “Vibeheads” and “Steel & Spells.”

According to the “Shiba Shelter” official website, the NFT collection was created to “provide assistance to real world non-profits focused on finding homes, providing support to, rescuing, and preventing cruelty to dogs around the world.”

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Charity Donations and Future Plans

Per the website, “30% of all ongoing royalties will be donated via community-nominated and DAO-voted monthly distributions.” Dog non-profit organizations that are currently on the donation list of “Shiba Shelter” include PAWS Chicago, Sterling Shelter, and Hope for Paws. 

The developers are likewise inviting people to add other dog charities to the donation list by contacting charities to ask them to support ETH-based donations. 

The developers of the “Shiba Shelter” NFT collection are also planning to launch a merch store as well as to collaborate with artists and organizations. They are also planning a free airdrop of 20 NFTs to 20 holders. 

Dog-Inspired NFT Collections

“Shiba Shelter” is the latest example of NFT collections that are based on or inspired by dogs. Dog-themed NFTs are some of the most popular kinds of animal-based NFT collections. A number of dog NFT collections are actually inspired by the shiba inu just like “Shiba Shelter.”

A popular example of shiba inu NFTs are those of “SIPHER.” “SIPHER’s” Shiba Inu NFTs went on sale in September and is the first of four animal-based NFT “races” that will be part of the game.  

Other examples of dog-themed NFT collections are “10001 Dalmatians,” “Cyber Shibas,” and “DogeX.”

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