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Global tech accessory brand CASETiFY has launched “NFT Your Case.” In a metaverse that’s all-out digital, this new NFT phone case is the company’s “yes” to the emerging “phygital” subspace.

CASETiFY case featuring a Bored Ape NFT
CASETiFY makes NFT phone cases for verified owners. Image Credit: CASETiFY

CASETiFY Uses NFT Verification Technology

The company has promised that only verified NFTs and owners can have the special case. CASETiFY’s order process requires the customer to connect their Ethereum wallet first. Then, the customer will choose which NFT art they’d want to print on the case.

CASETiFY’s verification platform will then proceed with the NFT authentication.

Once done, the customer will complete the order with payment. They’ll receive the case at their delivery address.

A BAYC Appears in the First NFT Phone Case

CASETiFY’s very first NFT phone case featured BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) #3583. The company has purchased it for 83.4 ETH (around USD 212 as of this writing), and then created the phygital.

CASETiFY case with an image of a Bored Ape NFT
CASETiFY NFT case featuring Bored Ape #1236 owned by Kuromi. Image Credit: CASETiFY

EACH NFT case shows a unique NFT QR code. The code includes data on the phygital’s origins, such as metadata on the artist, the art, and the listing.

“The launch of ‘NFT Your Case’ allows the community to flex their digital artworks right in the palm of their hands while opening the door to endless creative possibilities in the metaverse,” quipped CASETiFY Co-founder, Wes Ng.

“NFT Your Case” is Made From 65% Recycled Material

While critics of NFTs have partly revolved around environmental issues, CASETiFY has made a careful move. Their NFT phone case is 65% recycled material. It also offers decent protection, surviving a drop from 10 ft.

Prices of the “NFT Your Case” start at 45 USD, or around 0.00039 ETH at press time.

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