Snoop Dogg And Cozomo De Medici Buy Into Rekt Guy NFT –


Snoop Dogg and his NFT alter ego Cozomo De Medici shows support to another NFT collection — Rekt Guy NFTs. The famous singer and NFT figure continue to build his impressive collection on Web3.

The picture shows a poster of Snoop Dogg for an event
Snoop and his alter Cozomo De Medici shows support to Rekt Guy NFTs. Credit: Snoop Dogg on Twitter

Snoop Dogg and Cozomo De Medici Get Rekt Guy NFTs

Last year, Snoop Dog made a revelation that shook both the NFT and hip-hop communities. He announced that he is the NFT whale and Twitter influencer Cozomo De Medici. From then on, Snoop and his alter ago have continued their massive interest in various NFT projects, building a noteworthy collection that is one to boast.

Among Snoop’s NFTs are the XCOPY’s ‘Some A**hole’ which he purchased for $3.9 Million. In addition, he is also the person who bought the World of women founder’s first NFT entitled Woman n°001, “Two faces” for 33 ETH ($109,000).

The picture shows a tweet by famous rapper Snoop Dogg with his newly acquired Rekt NFT
Snoop shows off his newly acquired NFT on Twitter.

Just yesterday, he added three Rekt Guy NFTs to his collection. The relatively new project will surely gain attention as Snoop also tweeted about them with the caption “Got #Rekt”. Lastly, he made one of the Rekt NFTs his latest PFP on Twitter.

What is the Rekt Guy NFT Collection?

As of writing, there is little detail about the project. On its official website, the description for the NFTs is “art and pfps and stuff”. There is also no specific information about its roadmap and utility.

However, the founders said the rekt guy NFTs have a CCO licensing agreement. Basically, holders can modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission from them.

The minting period for the NFTs that caught the eye of Snoop Dogg has already ended. However, interested collectors can buy the Rekt Guy NFTs on the secondary market on OpenSea and LooksRare.

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