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Spottie WiFi, a “CryptoPunk” rapper, is releasing the first of five NFT songs for minting on Nov. 15. 

The song, which is in collaboration with rapper Bun B, is called “All Time High.” There are a total of 4,000 NFTs in the first drop and each NFT comes in the form of an edition of the song along with unique artwork. 

Spottie WiFi’s ‘All Time High’ NFT Drop

Spottie WiFi x Bun B's NFT Song Collaboration, All Time High

(Photo : Screenshot taken from Spottie WiFi’s website)

Spottie WiFi, known as the “CryptoPunk” rapper, is set to drop the first of his five NFT songs on Nov. 15. The NFT song is called “All Time High” and is a collaboration with rapper Bun B. There are a total of 4,000 “All Time High” NFTs. 

According to the official website of Spottie WiFi, “Each token is an edition of the song “All Time High” with unique artwork and some editions are more rare than others.”

Each holder of the “All Time High” NFT will get a vinyl record pressing of Spottie WiFi’s collaborative album, which the song is a part of. 

Holders will also get a limited, non-exclusive copyright license of the specific edition of the song that they hold as well as stems that will allow holders to create their own remixes of the song. Both of these exclude Bun B’s vocals that feature in the song. 

All in all, there are 27 editions of the “All Time High” NFT song. According to Spottie WiFi’s website, there are three primary editions: a Rap Edition, an 8-Bit Edition, and an Orchestra Edition. The remaining 24 editions are a combination of elements from the three. 

Who is Spottie WiFi?

It can be said that Spottie WiFi is technically a “CryptoPunk,” specifically CryptoPunk #5528. The “CryptoPunk” was purchased by a rapper named Mig Mora, who came up with the idea of turning his NFT into a rapper, according to his interview with Complex.

Mora said that what he found interesting about the “CryptoPunk” he purchases are the spots on his face. He said that other people did not like the trait and considered it unattractive. 

“They don’t want that to represent them as an avatar, but I saw it as a value,” he said. Mora eventually turned his “CryptoPunk” into his Twitter profile picture and it eventually became the rapper’s online identity. 

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Other NFT Songs or Music NFTs

Spottie WiFi’s “All Time High” is the latest example of songs or musical pieces that have been turned to NFTs. 

In March, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made headlines when he sold an NFT song for 420 million in Dogecoin. The NFT song has generated much controversy as multiple DJs have claimed that the EDM track is actually their work. 

In August, a version of the popular musical piece “Claire de Lune” was turned into an NFT and flown around the Earth’s orbit by the International Space Station (ISS). 

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