The Cool Pets NFT Reveal Is Finally Upon Us –


Holders rejoice!!! The long-awaited rollout has finally arrived as users tend to their Cool Pet to progress their new companion through its growth stages. By interacting with Cool Pets, new gamified features holders can build their Cool Pets by earning $MILK through various routes, including quests!

The Cool Pets NFT Reveal Is Finally Upon Us
Cool Pets set in motion the next evolution of the Cool Cats ecosystem

Credit: CoolCats

Cool Pets: A Friendly Companion

The new integration into the Cool Cats ecosystem comes in the form of 19,999 cool pets, where holders have to interact with their NFT to “hatch” it from its eggy compartment. By giving your cool pet “pet supplies,” you begin the surprisingly delightful experience of gathering the necessary items from “chests” and the “marketplace” to determine precisely what will come out of that shell prison.

Similar to how Cool Cats come with various attributes that determine their unique appearance, Cool Pets also have a distinctive layering system. Using the Cool Shop and marketplace, holders can use $MILK to buy items for their Cool Pet that will further influence their evolution. Once your Cool Pet has reached its final form, all its components will be assembled and layered to bring your Cool Pet to life.

Cool Pets ‘Cool’ Shop

To acquire a chest, one must head over to the “Cool Shop,” where users can spend $MILK for a shiny new chest. What fortunes lay inside this beautiful chest, you ask? Well, we don’t know, but neither does the buyer until they purchase it and view the items in their inventory. However, the items found inside the chest are essential to the growth of your newly acquired companion.

The Marketplace

Those looking for a proper $MILK hustle can look no farther than the Coolpets marketplace. Grinders, overachievers, and aspiring entrepreneurs can list unwanted supplies for sale and receive their revenue in $MILK to spend elsewhere in the Cool Cats ecosystem. However, a transaction fee of 10% is taxed on the end to cover the system’s gas fees. Those looking to buy from the marketplace can simply connect their wallet to the website and search for the items they need to level their companion to completion.

Change your mind about selling? No problem, the CoolCats ecosystem made this process seamless. Just head on over to the site, connect your wallet and select the item(s) you wish to keep from being sold.

Cool Pets Elements

As you feed your precious hatchling, the items given andor consumed by your cool pet have various underlying attributes that affect your pet’s mood. Therefore, the final form of your cool pet can vary from the four possible elements available at this time.

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Grass
  • Air

These dynamic layering mechanics and elemental attributes also allow future interaction with the NFT. Furthermore, future advancements in the gamification sector will utilize the various elemental features as time moves forward with the Cool pets NFT.

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