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The #1of1 Tezos NFT Event

The Tezos NFT community-led #1of1 (One Of One) event will take place in the first week of July. The event has been created in order to promote and celebrate high-value rare pieces of art on Tezos. 

After the first week, the rest of July will be used to promote the #1of1 collection pieces.

The event will feature singular edition NFT pieces from a number of high-profile artists (but open to all) and the collections will have a convenient central page created by NFTBiker for people to view and collect the work.

There is no recommended minimum pricing for the NFTs. Artists looking to contribute to the series will be able to mint with the hashtag ‘#1of1’ in the first week of July.

As part of the event there will be a Here & Now gallery, a ‘The Tickle‘ Zine special edition and dedicated Twitter spaces for both artists and collectors.

In order to prepare for the event there will be a Twitter spaces AMA on the 11th June.

In order to keep track of developments both artists and collectors can follow the events Twitter account here.

Of course the hashtag to use during the event is #1of1

On the event, key contributors and volunteers of the initiative stated:

“If you are wondering who is #1of1 – We are You. It’s a community initiative born of frustration and love!”

Contributors and Volunteers

Key contributors and volunteers of the community-led initiative include some well-known names in the Tezos NFT space including (but not limited to):

and also many more including #photez@versumofficial & #tezos4tezos.

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