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Messier Art Is Reimagining What Is Possible in the NFT Space

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Brussels, Belgium, March 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Messier Art, a cutting-edge NFT trading, staking, and collaboration hub for digital artists and collectors is going live today. The platform is designed to bring together artists, collectors, media partners, sponsors, and more in an integrated ecosystem that comes with new, innovative services and features not yet seen in today’s NFT marketplaces. These include lower trading fees thanks to the native $MSR Token, the opportunity to generate a yield from NFTs, profit sharing via a community DAO wallet, token airdrops, and passive earnings for $MSR token holders via liquidity pools.

Messier’s mission is to deliver a purpose built premium minting and trading marketplace for the Terra ecosystem. Messier has created a seamless user experience, prioritizing ease of use, functionality and a naturally intuitive design.

Regarding the launch, Messier.Art CEO Dylan said: “Building a home for artists around the globe is more than just building a platform. It’s thinking, feeling, and to some extent becoming the artist. Our incredible user experience and future integration of fully-fledged artist profiles will deliver a never seen before framework, to build and create from.”

Key Benefits

Some of the unique benefits of the Messier.Art platform are as follows.

Lower trading fees: Traders can enjoy discounted trading by using the $MSR token in place of LUNA/UST when paying platform fees.

Validator rewards: A Messier DAO validator node will be launched, the profits from which will be invested into a DAO wallet. The Messier.Art community and $MSR token holders can then vote fairly and transparently on how best to use those funds.

Deflationary tokenomics: Validator and DAO funds will also execute token buybacks and burning of $MSR tokens to stabilize supply and increase token value.

Yield-generating staking: Based on community feedback, the Messier.Art team has decided to move forward with providing NFT staking functionalities to the community. Upon launch of this feature, NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs to generate yield which will be paid out in $MSR.

Liquidity pools: By providing liquidity to the UST/MSR pool, users can ensure that Messier.Art can continue to offer benefits to the community and innovate on the platform. Liquidity providers will earn a passive income on their deposit and will gain exclusive access to liquidity pool provider whitelists.

Collection rewards: Based on discussions with individual projects and collections, Messier.Art aims to incentivize projects and artists by providing additional $MSR benefits if key milestones are met, such as 100% sell-out or other milestones for specific artworks or collections of digital assets.

Incentivizing indie artists: As a platform that aims to support individual artists, Messier.Art will also provide additional incentives to its users. Specifically, individuals who use the 1:1 minter will be entered into a raffle to receive an automatic airdrop to their connected wallets.

Marketing and advisory services will be provided by Jackisnotinabox, the head of the biggest NFT community on Terra, to help guide and build out the platform, communities, and partner initiatives.

About Messier.Art

Messier.Art has been built around the needs of the rapidly maturing NFT trading space and is excited about bringing an entirely new suite of features and functions to artists and collectors around the world. NFT marketplaces must stay attuned to the needs of their users, and Messier.Art is reimagining what is possible and what best-in-class services in the NFT space should look like over the months and years to come. With NFT staking, lower trading fees, artist profiles, token airdrops, and other user-focused benefits, the platform and its thriving online communities have a lot to celebrate – and much to look forward to – post-launch. Visit Messier.Art for more details and connect via Discord and Twitter.

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