Tom Brady releasing his NFT ‘Origins Collection’ of items from the start of his NFL career – Boston Herald


Tom Brady this week is releasing an NFT collection of items from before he put on his first New England Patriots jersey.

Brady, who has been pitching cryptocurrency, is launching a non-fungible token series called, “Live Forever: The Tom Brady Origins Collection.”

The series will include five collectible items from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 44-year-old star QB: Brady’s college resume, rookie draft card, Combine stopwatch, Combine cleats and Combine jersey.

The items hand chosen by Brady are “reflective of the moments that led him on the path to greatness,” tweeted Autograph, which is the QB’s digital memorabilia platform.

“When Autograph and I started talking about what five items I would put in my first official NFT collection, there were plenty of obvious routes I could have taken,” Brady said in an Autograph video.

“I thought people would assume that these containers would be filled with a helmet, shoulder pads, a football, things like that,” Brady continued. “I decided to make this first collection about my origins. These are mementos and tokens of a time when I started to learn who I was going to become, even if the rest of the world had no idea.”

The most famous thing from Brady’s Combine day was a photo of him without a shirt on, but he included the QB1 Combine jersey in this NFT series.

“In all seriousness, putting on this shirt was one of the first feelings of like, ‘Wow, I’m so close to being in the league,’” Brady said. “I worked out in a million different shirts over the years, but this is the one that I’ve always held on to. It’s kind of a little reminder to me that you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

There will be 16,600 total “Mystery Containers,” costing $80 each. Each Mystery Container will hold one collectible.

The early access period for the “Live Forever: The Tom Brady Origins Collection” starts on Tuesday at 5 p.m., and the public drop start time is on Thursday at 5 p.m.

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