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“Tomodachi World,” a collection of anime-style NFTs, is set to launch for minting on Nov. 16. There are a total of 10,000 unique NFTs in the collection. The launch time of the NFTs is set at 2 p.m EST.

Eventual holders of these NFTs can expect Voxel art NFTs as well as a world within The Sandbox Game for the “Tomodachi” NFTs in the future.

The NFT collection is the newest example of NFTs based on people. Other examples of human-based NFTs include “ONE Shogun,” “Mean Men,” and “Fancy Girls.”

‘Tomodachi World’ NFTs to Launch on Nov. 16

— Tomodachi World (@tomodachi_world) November 7, 2021

“Tomodachi World,” a collection of 10,000 anime-style NFTs, is set to be released for minting on Nov. 16 at 2 p.m. EST. Each NFT can be minted for 0.05 Ethereum (ETH).

The anime-style collection features both male and female characters in its NFTs. Only 10 NFTs can be purchased per transaction.

According to the “Tomodachi World” website, all the revenue generated by the project will be redistributed to the NFT holders. The price of the NFTs will remain the same throughout the sale. Interested buyers are assured that there will be no rising prices or bonding curves.

“Tomodachi World” joins other NFT collections scheduled for release on Nov. 16. According to a list compiled by Rarity Tools, other NFT collections set for minting on the same day include “Gapes on Sol.”

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Future Plans for ‘Tomodachi World’

According to the “Tomodachi World” website, “Owning a ‘Tomodachi’ NFT provides access to the ‘Tomodachi World,'” which is described as a members-only club located within The Sandbox Game.

Each ‘Tomodachi’ NFT also serves as a mint pass for holders who want to mint upcoming 3D Voxel art NFTs that will be playable in The Sandbox Game, per the official website. The developers of the NFT collection are also planning to purchase an estate within The Sandbox Game that will be developed into the ‘Tomodachi World.'”

NFT holders can also expect raffles as well as airdrops of free “Tomodachis” in the future. A special raffle will be conducted once all 10,000 NFTs in the collection are sold. Participants will get a chance to win Ethereum in the raffle.

People-Based NFTs

“Tomodachi World’s” NFT collection is the latest example of NFTs that are based on or inspired by people or humans.

Another example of such NFT collections is the “Fancy Girls” NFT collection, which launched on Oct. 29. This NFT collection will have a play-to-earn game in the future.

The “Mean Men” NFT collection is also another example of people-based NFTs. The collection, which dropped on Oct. 18, aims to promote self-love and the importance of caring for one’s mental health.

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