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VILNIUS, Lithuania, Nov. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — One of the most important driving factors behind any decentralized protocol is its community, and that includes developers, validators, token holders, and other stakeholders that contribute to the project’s success in any way possible.

In this regard, TrustNFT is made up of a community of people who share the same interest, one that ultimately aims to ensure that the protocol achieves its set goals and objectives.

TrustNFT's Community Together with AI to Empower NFT Backed Loans (PRNewsfoto/TrustNFT)

TrustNFT’s Community Together with AI to Empower NFT Backed Loans (PRNewsfoto/TrustNFT)

To that end, community members have a variety of expectations for what they would like to see adopted, especially if there is potential for it to have a significant and beneficial impact on the network.

More so, these sets of people have their own respective roles to play, both in the network’s governance, and in ensuring that the day to day operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Vismantas Motiejunas, the CEO and co-founder of TrustNFT, explained about the typical role that their community members will play in the project, as well as their other expectations. According to him the community within the TrustNFT protocol will participate in the voting system as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

“The community will have a vote, and that is because we want to build the system together with all stakeholders involved. The community will be engaged in deciding on the need for the specific features. We value active communication with our community – doing AMA sessions and delivering weekly updates of what has been done every week. Working together, the best solutions could be found and implemented” Motiejunas explained.

Consequently, holders of the TrustNFT token will be able to vote on different features and parameters of the platform and even marketing strategy. To empower the TrustNFT community, the platform will allow holders to propose and vote on governance questions to determine the future and features of the TrustNFT platform. Voting weight will be calculated in proportion to the tokens owned.

The protocol can also generate data from blockchain data and voting activities during this process and subsequently passes this on to the AI system, which then uses the data to oracle the price efficiently.

TrustNFT Is Targeting Millennials and the Younger Generation

In addition to being community-centric, TrustNFT wants to deliver a user-friendly solution to its target audience which, according to Motiejunas, largely consists of millennials and the younger generations.

Motiejunas noted that, at the moment, that millennials want to trade and participate in crypto, as well as leverage their positions from non-liquid to liquid assets, but to do so without losing their assets by the end of the day. These attributes, according to Motiejunas, is what makes them a perfect fit for the project.

As for the project itself, Motiejunas wants users to have less necessary interaction with the system, while being able to use it more securely.

“Our product’s slogan will be – few clicks to NFT backed loans. With just a few clicks, you’ll have the price and will get a loan. As little interaction as possible, yet as secure as possible to discover the golden middle ground between complexity and simplicity,” Motiejunas enthused.

Ultimately, TrustNFT wants to facilitate users’ ability to generate profit without losing their assets, all by bringing simplicity to the trading and lending of NFTs.

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