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Finally, we have a clear breakdown of what an NFT is, how to make them, where to buy and sell them, and the legal issues to think about

CLEVELAND — Wondering what the heck an NFT is, and curious about making, buying and selling them but don’t know where to start? 

Metagood Marketing Director Steve Kaczynski and Cleveland State University professor of Innovation and Intellectual Property Christa Laser have you covered, on this week’s episode of the 3 Things to Know with Stephanie Haney podcast. 

Get a clear break down of what NFTs are, how you can make your own and start trading them from Steve, who co-authored the first Harvard Business Review article on NFTs, and learn what legal issues to watch out for while you buy and sell them from Christa, who recently created a Continuing Legal Education course on the intellectual property laws that apply to NFTs

Plus, I share what you Need to Know in NEO about how the Cleveland Cavaliers and LiveNation are already making NFTs accessible for all of us, and how to connect with Steve and Christa, in A Good Follow.

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