You can now be part of the new social network, Woonkly, which will be based on NFt and metaverses – Entrepreneur


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The new social network Woonkly seeks to bring together the world of Blockchain and reality. Unlike the social networks that we already have, Woonkly is based on NFT and metaverses by which users can interact. Anyone can create their decentralized account as long as they have their MetaMask wallet on hand so they can sell or buy tokens.


What will be the available NFTs? Various metaverses sell parcels, clothing, or objects such as ships. In this case, any publication made by users (photos, videos, music, podcasts, images, etc.) will automatically become an NFT that other people can acquire.

Metaverses will be an essential part of Woonkly. The team said they plan to create an interactive directory of all possible metaverses. In addition, they will include several play to earn games so that users can diversify their means of income.

The social network will not use any of the common cryptocurrencies, rather it will have its own token called WOOP (Woonkly Power) that can be purchased on some exchange sites or on

“We have created the social network with the user in mind, so that anyone can create their own NFT in an instant and make it viral without having almost any knowledge, as well as connect their artists, influencers , metaverses and games with their experience at the same time ”Said Santos, one of the founders of WoonklyLabs.

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