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What if you could mint a replica of your car as an NFT? The car-scrappage company Scrap Car Comparison brings that very concept into the web3 world. In fact, users can register their vehicle until May 22nd to win a special NFT of their car.

image of two car NFT replicas by Scrap Car Comparison
UK-based company Scrap Car Comparison allows you to create an NFT replica of your car! Credits: Scrap Car Comparison

How can you get your own car replica NFT?

Scrap Car Comparison, a UK-based company, has just launched an NFT-powered service: The Non-Fungible Motors. The new feature allows car owners to create a highly-detailed virtual replica of their car. Then, collectors can mint their own car NFTs to cherish forever (or until they sell them).

At this moment, the company gives one lucky car owner the chance to get an NFT for free. In order to participate, you must submit a registration form on the Scrap Car Comparison website.

The contest is open until May 22nd. Then, the lucky winner will get a very detailed digital replica of their car as an NFT.

image of a car NFT replica by Scrap Car Comparison
The car replica NFTs give owners a chance to hold on to their beloved vehicles forever. Credits: Car Scrap Comparison

Why should you mint your own vehicle as an NFT?

Surprisingly, the car replica NFTs will feature tiny details such as scratches and air fresheners. With this effort, Scrap Car Comparison aims to capture the beauty of each vehicle, Managing Director Dan Gick explains:

“Thousands of cars go to the scrap heap each year, but more often than not, our customers are extremely sad to be saying goodbye to their cars. With this in mind, we want to try and bring car ownership into the digital age, by giving car fans their own piece of art that will be forever available for them to see online. “

This innovative concept comes at a great time for the car NFT niche. Recently, many giant producers joined the NFT trend, thereby increasing its value. For example, both Toyota and Nissan confirmed their own web3 projects: a virtual showroom and a workspace!

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