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Zurda, a pioneering NFT collection designed to commemorate the highlights of James Rodríguez’s career, inches closer to public release

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ZKSpace, a novel second-layer marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is going to start a whitelisting campaign for Zurda collection by James Rodríguez.

Zurda NFT sale by James Rodríguez takes off

According to the official announcement shared by the ZKSpace team, Zurda collection will display 1,500 tokens in four tiers: 1 Platinum, 10 Gold, 400 Silver and 1,089 Bronze NFTs will be available for claim.

— ZKSpace (@ZKSpaceOfficial) June 1, 2022

The Zurda NFT collection includes exquisite hand-crafted images authorized by Mr. Rodríguez himself. NFTs from the Bronze and Silver collections will be released through mystery boxes; the presale starts on June 15, 2022.

Participants in the presale will be able to claim NFTs from Zurda collection for 0.12 Ethers while, during the public mint, tokens will be available at 0.15 ETH. At the presale, Bronze and Silver NFTs will be offered, while Gold and Platinum NFTs will be distributed between the participants of the public sale.

Owners of Zurda NFTs also get access to “physical” items that display the highlights of James Rodríguez’s career: autographed jerseys and photos, a blessing video recorded by the football player and even a video call with the star.

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Fast-track program opens for James Rodríguez fans

Those who want to avoid the hassle of public mints can claim a spot on the whitelist. Whitelisted enthusiasts will enjoy a 20% discount on all mystery boxes of the mint.

To book a spot on the whitelist, ZKSpace’s clients should authorize their L2 wallets with 0.12 Ethers minimum through a special form. Snapshots will be taken occasionally on June 14, 2022; as SUCH, balances should remain above 0.12 Ether until that date.

Besides that, participants in the whitelist campaign are invited to join the project’s Discord server and subscribe to the official Twitter account of the product.

As covered by U.Today previously, soccer superstar James Rodríguez became the first top-tier player to endorse second-layer NFTs on the top of Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, minted through ZKSpace.

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