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3LAU, the owner of Royal, the NFT music marketplace, targeted the Antonym project in a Twitter post earlier today. However, since then, 3LAU and @ammtonym, the founder of Antonym, have spoken at length.

The pair communicated through DMs, and the 3LAU has admitted he was out of order. In fact, 3LAU and @ammtonym both decided to donate $100,000 each to a Ukrainian relief fund.

Image of the 3LAU skull logo
3LAU called out NFT project Antonym but the pair later spoke and agreed to send money to the Ukraine relief fund.

This started with 3LAU questioning the project, ‘Phygital’s’ validity. He called it a clever marketing ploy and used the word ‘bullshit’. Furthermore, he questioned a closed Discord and the actual link between the physical and digital offerings by the project.

However, the way he asked seemed to bother most Twitter users. 3LAU later apologised for his behaviour, saying, “PS i still admit I could have handled this all a little better, and probably could have picked a better project to pick on.” Everyone is wrong now and again and it is always good to admit when you are.

3LAU later wrote a thread, detailing his exchange with @ammtonym covering what he learned and what he would like further clarification on.

It is great to see dialogue being used to resolve the situation. Meanwhile, the donation of $100,000 each to the Ukrainian relief fund will help a lot of people in need.

Finally, in recent days we have seen a number of NFT projects raise money and show their support for Ukraine. Many people are creating lists of Ukrainian NFT artists to support in this difficult time.

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