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Aavegotchi is launching Verified Physical Prints of on-chain NFT Art. The development allows holders access to a limited number of physical prints, which are directly tied to the FAKE Gotchi NFT Collection. Each purchase comes with a print and a SoulPrint Card that verifies the work. This is the latest development from Aavegotchi, after launching the Gotchiverse this year.

An animated cartoon sits in front of a pink background in support of Aavegotchi Physical Prints.
Aavegotchi Physical Prints usher in a new era. Credit: esveebee YouTube.

Are Aavegotchi Physical Prints A New Dynamic?

The Aavegotchi physical prints are a major moment for art and Web3 for a few reasons. First, the physical NFT prints take a step towards solving the problem of verifying physical artworks. There is some major utility packed into the SoulPrint Card.

Additionally, purchasing an Aavergotchi physical print pays out royalties to the artist, the publisher, and the on-chain owner of the NFT. This creates a new economy. Prints become their own form of originals, and NFT owners are empowered to earn on their holdings. NFT galleries also take on a new economic life, where viewers participate in taking the art home.

Four cartoon characters stand on podiums floating in front of a purple background.
Aavegotchi is also debuting a new type of auction. Credit: Aavegotchi.

What Are The GBM Auctions?

Not only is Aavegotchi re-imagining the dynamic between creators of art and those who enjoy the works, but it is pioneering a new form of auction to facilitate that exchange. When a GBM Auction takes place, bidders who do not win are given a small reward of GHST tokens for their participation.

Additionally, the seller has the option to decline the final offer and keep the NFT. However, they have to pay the GHST fees to all bidders. This is incredible innovation happening at Aavegotchi that will have impact beyond the chain.

We love to see it.

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