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It has been discovered why CryptoMories were delisted from OpenSea. Until now, no one knew why, until reports came in the past couple of days that NFT artist, Sabet, submitted a DCMA takedown of the project as he feels that one of the CryptoMories is an infringement of his copyright.

Cryptomories delisted
The skeleton artwork by Sabet is reportedly the reason why CryptoMories have been delisted on OpenSea. Credit: Sabet.

The CryptoMories Delisting

CryptoMories was recently delisted from OpenSea. At first, everyone had thought it to be an issue with Opensea that would be soon fixed. However, it turned out not to be. The project addressed the incident last night: “As you know, Mories have been delisted from OpenSea. Initially, we thought it was due to an OS technical issue but we now know it was because of a DMCA takedown request. Someone from the NFT world has been claiming that one of our traits is an infringement of his copyright.”

They added: “He has been asking for an absurd amount of money. Even though we believe these allegations are unjustified and we are hurt by this conduct that we judge dishonest, greedy and unworthy of web3, any artist or brand has a right to make such claims.”

The reasoning behind the DMCA takedown request is because of the skull head trait, which according to Twitter user @studentoforacle, is a “1-minute minimalist skull”. Also, he mentioned that Sabet has used and profited from other licensed NFT and non-NFT artworks. From the likes of BAYC, Marvel and Star Wars.

About Sabet

Sabet is a well-known NFT artist with 38.8k followers on Twitter. He’s created several projects: Tokyopunks, Pixopop, Ugly Kitties and Healing Codes. He’s grown a devoted fanbase within the NFT space. With his Twitter being followed by big names in the space such as Vincent Van Dough, Zeneca, KidEight, Paris Hilton. As well as XCopy and GaryVee. Also, he is followed by Former President Barack Obama.

This morning, he posted a video of him drawing some art, with the simple caption of ‘GM’, accompanied by Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’ playing in the background. A CryptoMories fan and holder responded. They said: “Gm did you get approval from Kanye West to use his material on your video? Looks like you are giving importance to this. Please answer”, of course, this refers to the ongoing case between Sabet and CryptoMories which has led to their Opensea delisting.

About CryptoMories

CryptoMories is an NFT collection showing skulls on their art. Their community is very strong and active, with 47k Twitter followers and 29k Discord members. The holders have adopted the #Famorie hashtag, a mix of family and Mories. Now, CryptoMories have been delisted from Opensea, however, on the next biggest competitor, LooksRare, the current floor price sits at 0.65 ETH. The CryptoMories delisting on Opensea has not stopped the fans from supporting it. Many holders have been posting on Twitter using the hashtag and showing support to the collection.

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